30 yrs anniversary of influence

30 years ago today, a revolutionary film had it’s premier – it is the famous Star Wars, of course. It was one of the most mind-blowing film the Minister had ever experienced by then in his 14 years long life. Since then the Minister probably has seen a couple of thousand films or more, but Star Wars was probably the biggest movie experience ever.

The Minister ran right home and grabbed a pencil and started to draw sketches of all the wondrous things he had seen in the film. He sat and made sketches for several days after that and was disappointed to discover that it was hard to draw from memory and that he hardly succeeded in copying the various fantastic designs and environments.

OK, so the Minister didn’t buy tons of merchandise or clothes or plastic swords, but he was totally sold on the whole concept. Perhaps that’s the foundation of his conceptual interest…? Imagine seeing those first films without seeing anything remotely like that before, or without knowing that Darth Vader was the father of Luke Skywalker… Imagine never understanding that the first film was Episode IV… The thought of seeing Ep. 1-3 ever realized was light-years away. Now they are, and sadly a bit of the magic was gone, the film industry had made the leap forward and films like Matrix had seen the light of day. Even if it felt a bit like coasting, it was interesting to see George Lucas to tie up all the loose ends one had wondered about for 25 years or so… I bet that’s were Quentin Tarantino got his weird ideas about reversing the chronological order!


May the force be with us.

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