The Minister has left the american continent

The Minister is back at the Ministry and this summers North America Tour with HopArt has reached it’s end. Still there’s a lot of contacts left to be taken care of, and now all the after-work starts. This has nothing to do with beer (well a little perhaps) but mostly it means a lot of loose ends that has to be tied up. The Minister is hardly hanging around the bars! Oh, no. he’s ever vigilant and busy at the Ministry! In fact renovations, attachements and extensions is under hand.

Looking back at the HopArt Tour it was a busy few weeks… Apart from HopArt, screenings and presentations there was of course a vast networking going on. And also some official assignments! The Statesecretary of Ladonia had given the Minister full freedom to proclaim new territories for Ladonia. Colonies in Canada was the commision and the Minister went to business. Three new Colonies were proclaimed during a few hectic weeks! First in Vancouver, then in Kelowna and later on also in Victoria, the Capital of British Columbia. Here’s a few pictures from the official events.


“Ladonia 536″ in Vancouver. The colony consists of the house and the surrounding area.


Official handshakes in Vancouver: Governor Donato Mancini, Minister of Art & Jump – Ladonian Envoy, Minister and Vice Governor Jeremy Turner.


Agreement on the second new Ladonia colony: “Ladonia Alternator and Waterfront Park” in Kelowna. Governor Jennifer Pickering confirms the documents by a handshake with the Ladonian Culture Attaché; Minister of Art & Jump.


The Victoria Ladonia Colony “Ladonia Open Space”. The colony consists of the whole building, on Fort Street 510, including the Japanese Restaurant – which by the way is reported excellent.


The Ladonian Governor, Douglas “Doug” Jarvis, in an official handshake with the Minister of Art & Jump, confirming the third Ladonian Colony in Canada.

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