Ogo-Pogo island

Regarding the news about the new Ladonian Colonies in Canada. We can also add a little note about the happy news that the colony in Kelowna now also has an extension.

A new stone-island was started (rose out of the waters) in The Okanagan Lake in July 6, this summer. (Okanagan facts by Wikipedia). The name of the island is Ogo-Pogo Island and it’s situated in the west side of the lake (same lake as the Ladonia Colony Water Park is facing), about 30 minutes south of the town of Kelowna. The strait between Ogo-Pogo Island and the beach is called Peachland Strait, named after the closest town.


The waters around Ogo-Pogo Island is extremely rich on fish (as the Minister of Art & Jump can vouch for by his own experience). Large fish (like Kokanee) come close to the shores, and tourists has already found the island. In the picture we see two small tourists at the Ogo-Pogo Island. The island is, with other words, overflowing with natural resources. Photo credit: Ministry of Art & Jump.

The idea is to return and extend the island but also to leave it to the locals to expand the island. The name Ogo-Pogo comes from locale folklore that tells the story about a lake-monster not unlike the Loch Ness-monster. The early inhabitants (Native Americans, a.k.a. “indians”) of the area saw the monster as a malevolent entity. When crossing the lake during bad weather, the Indians always carried a small animal that they would toss overboard in the middle of the lake to appease the monster. The Indians called the Okanagan Lake Monster N’ha-a-tik, and there are pictographs. Other native references to the Okanagan Lake Monster include the Chinook wicked one and “great-beast-on-the-lake.” In addition to the Salish N’ha-a-tik (or Na-ha-ha-itk), snake-in-the-lake was sometimes used. When Europeans settled in the area, they too feared the aquatic monster and supposedly continued the custom of offering an animal to appease Ogopogo.

Personally I suspect the Ogo-Pogo might be related to the dragon Ladon. Quite possibly the Loch Ness monster is also related to the dragon Ladon. (Ogopogo-fact by Wikipedia).


The Ogo-Pogo Island was inaugurated by playing the Ladonian National Anthem. (A stone dropped into the water). Photo credit: Ministry of Art & Jump.

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