Jump-suites Canada trip

The Ministers special business-suite, or jump-suite, made it’s own little trip. Hanging out on different places in Canada. Making his own exploration. Going places. Seeing people. And sometimes just hanging around.

Location: North-America 2007

After the Jump in Granville Loop Park in Vancouver. Resting and drying in the sun on the stairs to the fountain.

At the stair-case of the slanting house of the famous 536 Arts Collective in Vancouver.

On a little red wagon in Alternator Gallery of Contemporary Art, in Kelowna.

Hanging on the doors of Alternator, wondering about the the Elvis Poster behind him…

Ahhh, the open space on the roof to Open Space gallery and Arts Collective in Beautiful Victoria.

Hanging out at the Ministry of Casual Living in Victoria. Waiting for the screening to start. What’s that man doing with that table anyway!?

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