The unlikely Happening

Yesterday was a GREAT day for Ladonia!

The 10 year Anniversary went on as planned. And it was a enormous feat that was undertaken by the Ladonia administration. SS Vilks, President Hankell, Popess Astrid 1, Minister of Madness, an electronic band and yours truly performed a presentation of Ladonia and it’s exciting history. There was speeches made, presentations, art performance, findings, musical interpretations and performance like never surpassed before. It was the first electronic outdoor concert in Ladonia and probably the first “real” outdoor concert ever made. The band had to walk quite a bit in through the outback wilderness of Kullaberg before reaching Ladonia and bring all their instruments, equipment and gasoline powered power supply. They also had to carry all their equipment out on foot after the transportation went pear-shaped (catastrophic) in the evening. No boat to pick the equipment up! Everything had to be carried out by foot! Up and over the steep cliffs. 1,2 kilometers and 120 meters up… Every person made 3-5 trips up the mountainside straining under the heavy and bulky load. Cases, containers, loudspeakers, synthesizers and more.

The 6 hours program ended with a 3 hour hauling that could have crippled a mule.

But the anniversary was celebrated and the crowd of visitors in Ladonia yesterday got a fantastic show and experience – probably a memory for life.

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