An official word

A word from the President of Ladonia, the day after the big anniversary:

“The 10 years Anniversary for Ladonia at Nimis Kullaberg was a success. Hundreds of nomads had found their way down the heavy cliffs and after a breathtaking journey through the Nimis construction, they climbed the stones and listened to the celebration and music event.

As President of Ladonia, I made a declaration of a sensational discovery I and my team of experts of excavations have made. Under the Library, which was burnt down during the bad fire in the icy winter night in February 1985 at Nimis, we have found a very old original document of unknown age. Through scientific research and analysis of the papyrus document and its signs, we have come to the conclusion that the document is a real document of the earliest history of Ladonia. Probably more than 6000 years old. An testimony from old ages and a reminder of the faith of what will happen to the stonebook Arx. This book will once again, after eons of time, rise to the ground and be found by nomads who again will build the new Ladonia.
When the presentation was over, The President handed over the old document to the State Secretary to place it in the National Library in Ladonia. At the same time I, The President said Thank you to the State Secretary for all help and assistance we got during the excavations.”

Jump and President.jpg
Minister of Art & Jump and The President yesterday at the 10 year anniversary
Countess Kicki von Hankell
Ministress of the Dep. of The Guardian Angels, etc

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