Re: Justin

Regarding the english name “Justin” (see above re. new personell) my colleague Manny Neira had a take on explaining that:

It is a *fairly* common name, with a fascinating history. It is actually derived from the name of a semi-mythical Saxon village called Juust. In old English, instead of saying that someone lived “in Juust”, they would say they lived “Juust In”, and this phrase eventually gave way to the name “Juustin”, precursor of the modern “Justin”.

However, the original pronunciation of “Juustin” was “JES-TIN”, as the “UU” was pronounced like an E. In fact, the letter “E” didn’t exist in the early alphabet, and was just represented by two U’s written close together. Eventually, they got treated as a single letter, and if you imagine turning the dipthong “UU” on its side, you can see where the letter “E” got its shape.

There is some argument about whether Juust ever really existed, or whether it was a myth, a little like Atlantis. The people of Juust where held to be almost superhumanly upstanding and fair. The word “justice” also comes from the name “Juust”. The village lies behind many modern sayings about honesty, such as…

“Many a true word is spoken in Juust.”


PS. There’s a minute of your life you’ll never have again.

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