Sealand had a fire

Last week (June 23) a fire broke out in the Principality of Sealand, a second world war anti-aircraft platform about 6 miles of the British coast which was occupied and declared an independent state by Paddy Bates in the late sixties, and which has been occupied by his family since then.

Representatives from Ladonia (, among them myself, met the Sealanders, when both governments attended a micronational summit in Helsinki, Finland back in 2003.

It seems that, thankfully, there have been no casualties, but it is estimated that some £500,000 worth of damage has been done.

It’s particularly sad, as the micronation has a unique and very interesting history. Its robust independent spirit is inspiring.

The Sealanders have made a statement concerning the fire on their national website… (Pressrelease about the fire)

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