Eslöv By The Sea in Canada

During this summers Tour of HopArt in North-America (Canada) during June and July, the different locations that was visited experienced a unique performance by the Minister of Art & Jump – it was the first time ever that HopArt was performed live in North-America! The tour made three stops in the province of British Columbia. The three places that was visited by the artist/Minister was Vancouver, Kelowna and the provincial capital Victoria.

Apart from the performances, the tour also consisted of a videoscreening and presentation of the artist and a lecture about his artistry and recent works. The release of the DVD “Eslöv By The Sea – part III” was presented and very well received. The screening was done with the first pre-production release of the english DVD-version of the project, that was completed only 24 hours before the Ministers plane took off for Canada. The talented Daniel Brandt of Aeongate Creative Studio slaved for days at Smartfilm to finish the pre-production ntsc-version of the EBS3-DVD for the Canada screenings.


The audience in Kelowna just before the presentation and screening of “Eslöv By The Sea” starts at the Alternator Gallery of Contemporary Art. Image credit: Ministry of Art & Jump.


A nice outdoor garden presentation and lecture in the evening of June 21 at the 536 arts collective in Vancouver. The screening took place later indoors in the premises of the well-known “536”. Also Mr Patrick Chan was invited to talk about the relationship between art and architecture (referring in particular to the earlier HopArt-performance at the Granville Loop Park that same afternoon). Image credit: Ministry of Art & Jump/ Jeremy Turner.


The audience at the presentation of Eslöv By The Sea. The presentation and the screening was carried out outdoors in a lovely evening in Victoria, at the Gallery “Ministry of Casual Living” and was arranged in cooperation with the famous Open Space Arts Society (also in Victoria). Image credit: Ministry of Art & Jump.


The interest for the work “Eslöv By The Sea” was profound and the audience was also very involved with questions and comments during the presentation. The whole screening and presentation went over very well and stirred a curious fascination in the town of Eslöv as well as for the historical art-research project about it (and the Minister, who de facto was born in the town). Image credit: Ministry of Art & Jump.

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