Biennale is over

The Eslöv Biennale 2007 is now officially over. On thursday morning the demounting of the Biennale started and as always with exhibitions one can state that it doesn’t take very long to take down what took days to put up. It seems the ratio for a normal type of exhibiton is that 1,5 days of building, is torn down in about 1,5 hour.

We haven’t got any official numbers of visitors yet, not even an estimation, we have to get back on that subject. But there are still two things, one object and one site, that are still left to be seen after the Biennale at Medborgarhuset is over. Outside the front entrance, in the park in front of Medborgarhuset the “Eslöv Meteor” is still at display. At the moment we don’t know for sure it’s destiny. We have to get back to you on this matter as well. For now it’s on display and can we viewed outside.


The site that also is still left is the meteors crater outside Eslöv. Most likely the crater won’t be destroyed until December 10. The landowner has tried to save the spot as long as possible before the winters plowing must be carried out. The site has been thoroughly examined, measured, analyzed and photographed. And therefore it mustn’t be saved any further. But take the chance to see it with your own eyes before it’s gone.


The crater location (indicated by a red square on the map).

Driving directions from Eslöv: drive out of town via “Sallerup” and “Sallerupsvägen” towards “Örtofta”. At signs warning for a sharp turn is the crater located on the right side of the road going south bound. Driving directions from Highway 22 “E22”: From Lund drive north bound on highway E22 and turn off at the “GÃ¥rdstÃ¥nga” intersection. Take a left turn through the roundabout, way “104” towards “Kävlinge”. By the sugarplant at “Örtofta” there is a way to the right (sign: “Eslöv”). After about 700 meters there is a sharp turn (and warning signs indicating the sharp turn). On the left side of the road the crater is visible – driving north bound, towards Eslöv. There is a white information-sign – in Swedish and English, by a little turn-off on the road.


The 15 meter wide (and deep) crater from the impact of the Eslöv Meteorite, with the information sign. Look at the map above and follow the driving directions and you can see it for yourself before December 10.

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