Coup d’état in Ladonia

In the beginning of December the Minister felt forced and compelled to carry out a Coup d’état in Ladonia, his home country by choice, after lengthy arguing and bickering in the ruling Cabinet. Two weeks ago, the following memo was sent to the Cabinet:

“As of today I have taken over the Presidency in Ladonia and have carried out a non-violent coup and taken the power from the former President. This I have done to stop him from continue the humourless mocking and insulting of the noble Cabinet of Ladonia and thereby mocking and insulting Ladonia and it’s remonistic Queen, our beloved Queen Yvonne, our heart-blood and our moral lead star, our rightful mother of the land, our only true love.

I have hereby possessed the title President, until Ladonia can carry out democratic elections to reintroduce a worthy leader of our country. I am also appointing Kicki Hankell, our former President, as my Vice President. Other than that I will change nothing in the administration, but I hope that several ministers that has resigned lately now will return to their posts on part of the new order.

My chosen word will be “For Ladonia”. I hope and trust that I have the understanding of the Cabinet when I see myself forced to these powerful actions.

Viva Ladonia, Viva the Queen Yvonne I

Fredrik Axwik
President of Ladonia”


There’s a new Sheriff in town. Minister of Art & Jump is now President of Ladonia, until further notice… Image: Ministry of Art & Jump

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