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HopArt goes to Norrbotten

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Norrbotten flag

Norrbotten ( will get a noble and eagerly awaited visit by the Minister of Art and Jump. Between 1-18 August PAiN organizes HopArt River Tour – A performance art event out in the villages along the county’s five largest rivers: Torne Älv, Lule Älv, Pite Älv, Kalix Älv and RÃ¥ne Älv. (Älv is the Swedish name for river, mainly used in the nothern part of the country, and often meaning that it is a rather BIG river and also a rather quick one with lot’s of stream and currents – se picture below of Pite Älv).

London Jump protests

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

The Jump in London was a success. No arrests, no fuzz. Hyde Park and Serpentine Lake was as it’s best (no rain) and all that was missing was a jump-tower. But sometimes one have to improvise. It was pretty shallow water so in fact a tower might have made things complicated more than easy. And where can one find hammer, nails and boards in the middle of London? The bridge across the Serpentine was suddenly filled with an audience when the Sunday-pedestrians got an unexpected performance. The protest-list got a few new protests too:

Bad Communications
Unexpected constructions in park
Universe in General
International cell-phone rates
Sucking socks
Lack of interest from Government in culture and education
Wheather! (British summer in particular)
Shortness of Goldbars

Flashback – The London jump

Friday, July 20th, 2012

London protests

Monday, July 16th, 2012

After the jump in London here’s a few new protests for the extensive HopArt protestlist:

Bad communications
Unexpected constructs in parks
Universe in general
International cellphone rates
Over-absorbing socks
Weather! British summers in particular
Personal shortness of Gold bars
Lack of interest from Government in Culture and Education.

Uppsala Jump (II)

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Flashback Friction – another angle of the jump in Uppsala, June 2010.

Uppsala Jump

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Flashback Friction – The jump in Uppsala, June 2010.

New Year, new leaps, new jumps

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Hopp i Skånskan

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Foto: Skånska Dagbladet.
Gårdagens invigningshopp på Hållbarhetsveckan i Eslöv fanns med i Skånskan. Man kan läsa den lilla artikeln här.

Men oj, bara 20 i publiken? Det var nog lite snÃ¥lt räknat av tidningen (eller sÃ¥ har dom skrivit fel – som vanligt). 😉 Fullt var det ju visserligen inte i A-hallen den kvällen, men jag skulle tippa pÃ¥ uppÃ¥t 60-70 i publiken. Hade en rätt bra utsikt över publiken frÃ¥n talar-stolen. Och när sedan vindkraftsdebatten satte igÃ¥ng lite senare pÃ¥ aftonen var det nog över 100 som samlats… (Bara för att sätta saker o ting i perspektiv). :)

Om man undrar över pappret som mannen i bakgrunden håller upp så var det en lista med grundläggande problem för ett Hållbart samhälle som Ministern listade på ett blädderblock under invigningstalet:
– Pencillinet
– Industrialismen
– Sekulariseringen
– VÃ¥r stora hjärna
– FörstÃ¥nd/ insikt (Vi är sluga, men inte lika smarta)
– VÃ¥r bekvämlighet
– Kvartalsrapporter

Ã…terstÃ¥r bara att lösa dom problemen, men utan att hamna pÃ¥ Medeltids-nivÃ¥ igen helst kanske…

Dr Kurt och HopArt

Monday, August 8th, 2011

(English text will follow) Hittade av en slump en blogg-artikel om mig själv av en viss Dr Kurt. Namnet ingav bÃ¥de respekt och bävan. Dr Kurt stavade efternamnet lite snÃ¥lt, med enkelt istället för dubbelt “v”. Den slumpmässigt funna artikeln kan läsas här.

The English text can be read below, the article above is in Swedish only.

Fredrik Axvik is the artist who has developed “HopArt”. Since 1998 Axwik
has been active as ”Eternal Minister of Art & Jump” in Ladonia, a fictitious
country founded by the artist Lars Vilks. The jump is a protest against the
order of things, and with each jump a list of grievances is read aloud. All
things high and low are included here, bureaucracy, self-effacement and
bad weather. By taking on the role of minister, Fredrik Axvik also challenges
himself. He is actually afraid of water and heights, but as minister he cannot
allow such things to stand in the way of his important task.

The minister is about to jump in to the harbour basin in his elegant suit. He
will jump from a pier hastily thrown together using discarded timber. One of
his hands is bandaged. He hurt himself in a previous jump. He hesitantly
tests the robustness of the pier. The construction is unsteady. Is this his
official hesitancy or is he truly testing the stability of the pier? He has apparently
forgotten to take off his hat, and his watch as well. He finally jumps.
The audience applauds.

The problems are solved for the time being. Behind the playful approach is
a genuine questioning of society, how it is administrated and how we people
are shaped by it. At the same time, it is perhaps the play and humour itself
that Axwik chooses to present as an alternative with his symbolic sacrifice.

Lost and found!

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

For over a year, a vital document at the Ministry has been missing, presumed lost. But today it was found by chance! It is the list over the protests collected in Uppsala at the jump in Fyrisån. The list from Uppsala contains some very interesting attitudes, very specific protests, both from a local and global point of view.


The long uphill stretch to the Castle in Uppsala
Expensive parkings
No parkings for people living in the city
People who doesn’t like Art
The new motorway (E4) is too close
Bad language handling
The bad summer weather
That the socialdemocratic politicians say they won’t build a new skate-rink
Bad environmental judgement (for ex. flying to vacation)
People who walk slowly in narrow passages
Topless (Roof-less) Bus-stops
Kids that are in the way in shops
Royal Weddings
The aversion against Public Art
Reduction of SU for students
Cold toes
Parents deaths
Cold rain
Fizzy water
Trash in the river
Shaved armpits
Michael Bolton

The Uppsala HopArt Jump