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What is “Ministeriet gratulerar”?

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

The Category “Ministeriet Gratulerar” has given our English readers something to wonder about. An explanation is perhaps appropriate. It has to do with the Swedish tradition of “name days”.

The Swedish namedays is a list of names where each name is associated with a specific date. If your name is the same as the nameday of some date, you can celebrate your “nameday” on that date; it can be like a “little birthday” for you. Since there are much more than 365 names in use, nowadays each date usually have more than one name associated to it.


Common swedish almanac with the names at every date.

Namedays are not celebrated in all countries – in Europe nameday celebration is an unknown custom in most countries. Namedays are celebrated in Sweden and Finland, and in several countries in eastern Europe, including Greece.

These namedays have their origin in the list of martyrs and saints in the Catholic Church, which was a list of feasts, celebrated in the memory of the martyr or the saint. During medieval times namedays didn’t matter in Scandinavia, and neither did birthdays since people rarely knew on which day they were born. Associations named after saints did however celebrate the nameday of their patron.

Celebration of namedays commenced in the 17’th century, at first only among the royalty and aristocracy but later also among common people. During the 19’th century celebration if the king’s nameday became popular in the cities. In the countryside people usually celebrated birthdays in south-western Sweden but in the rest of the country, celebration of namedays was more common. The Swedish Church (which was a State Church from 1527 to 1999) encouraged the celebration of namedays, since the Church considered the celebration of birthdays a pagan custom.

From the 18’th century and onwards the list of namedays was modified in Sweden and Finland, but not in other countries. More names without any religious association were introduced, starting with names from royal persons. In 1901 a thorough modification was performed on the list of names, which then was adapted to the names then commonly in use. When the almanac publishing privilege of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences ceased in 1972, the list of names was no longer perceived as official, and there were sometimes several competing lists of names.

The namedays celebrated here at the Ministry are those used in “Vanliga Almanackan” (“The Common Almanac”).

New Ministry Service(s)

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Two new services in one week! That is a bit out of the ordinary, so the readers of this blog must consider themselves lucky. A new category was added on Monday and is a “congratulation-service-reminder” about swedish names-days. In Sweden every day in the almanac has names for example “Valdemar”, which happens to be todays names day name. And the new blog-department tells you about the names-day and the meaning and history of the name.


And today another whole new service is added in the blogroll (links section). Now it’s possible to get an updated weather report for the Ministry and the Eslöv municipal. Click on the link “Ministry Weather” to the right and a new window will open and give you the last minute update on the local weather (cloudiness, precipitation like rain or snow, temperature, sunrise & sunset and more).

The Ministry hopes that the new services will be appreciated. NOTE! The Ministry of Art & Jump can not be held responsible for any errors in the forecasts!
/The Minister

Ministeriet gratulerar

Monday, April 16th, 2007

Ministeriet har en helt ny service! Tanken är att försöka upprätthålla en service till alla läsare angående namnsdagars namn och deras betydelser. Först ut är Patrik & Patricia.


Latinskt namn som betyder adelsman eller förnäm. Namnet härrör frÃ¥n det latinska ordet “patricius”. Detta betyder adelsman och Patrik är följaktligen “adelsmannen”. Patrik är Irlands skyddspatron och har i de flesta kalendarier fÃ¥tt sin dag den 17 mars. Dock inte i Sverige alltsÃ¥…


Den feminina formen av Patrik. Namnet har samma ursprung och är Patriks feminina motsvarighet.


Ministeriet gratulerar bland annat Patrick Stewart, som har namnsdag idag – utan hÃ¥r… (som spelar Captain Jean-Luc Picard i serien Star-Trek).


…och med hÃ¥r 😉 (som “Oberon”)