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Lost and found!

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

For over a year, a vital document at the Ministry has been missing, presumed lost. But today it was found by chance! It is the list over the protests collected in Uppsala at the jump in Fyrisån. The list from Uppsala contains some very interesting attitudes, very specific protests, both from a local and global point of view.


The long uphill stretch to the Castle in Uppsala
Expensive parkings
No parkings for people living in the city
People who doesn’t like Art
The new motorway (E4) is too close
Bad language handling
The bad summer weather
That the socialdemocratic politicians say they won’t build a new skate-rink
Bad environmental judgement (for ex. flying to vacation)
People who walk slowly in narrow passages
Topless (Roof-less) Bus-stops
Kids that are in the way in shops
Royal Weddings
The aversion against Public Art
Reduction of SU for students
Cold toes
Parents deaths
Cold rain
Fizzy water
Trash in the river
Shaved armpits
Michael Bolton

The Uppsala HopArt Jump

New protests on the list

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

At the HopArt-jump the HopArt Protest-list had a few additions at the Saturday Jump in Eslövs Trollsjön (=Gremlin Lake, or Lake Troll… go figure…).

Fear (before others)
Cold weather
Green apples
Too loud music
When others get more
Blood in your eye
Saturdays (as workdays, otherwise it’s a fine day)
Sunday anxiety
Bad planning
Bird shit (and all other pollutions too)
Greenhouse effect (on global scale, global warming – it’s OK in greenhouses)
Red wine (white is OK)
Football (soccer)
Bad reeds (for saxophones in particular)
Bikes that fall over (when you ride it)
Cigarettes (and all other tobacco)
Siblings (the testing type)
Cotton Candy in your hair
The dirt that sits in toilets
Bad songs
Irritable parents
Loss of toilets (when you need one)

HopArt goes to Eslöv! Saturday May 28, 14.00.

Thursday, May 26th, 2011
I samarbete med Eslövs Kulturskola kommer Konstministern att utföra sin (ö)kända Hoppkonst. Konstministerns livslÃ¥nga Hoppkonst-turné har nu äntligen kommit sÃ¥ lÃ¥ngt som till trollsjön i Eslöv. Förra Ã¥rets planerade hopp fick inställas – men i Ã¥r är Konstnären ogipsad och vi hoppas pÃ¥ vackert väder (speciellt med tanke pÃ¥ att det är utomhuskonsert). Hoppet föregÃ¥s av att Kulturskolan tÃ¥gar genom stan (frÃ¥n Trollsjön till Trollsjön) och sedan framför sin berömda utomhuskonsert i Trollsjöparken. Efter detta lär staden och publiken vara uppvärmd nog för att utstÃ¥ ett Konsthopp! Hopptiden är preliminär, c:a kl 14. Men sker som sagt i direkt anslutning till utomhuskonsertens genomförande! Kom och lyssna, kom och se, kom och upplev!!

One day only!

HopArt goes to Trollsjön (Eslöv)

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Flashback Malmoe

Monday, March 14th, 2011

A couple of years ago (well, it was in 2002 to be exact) a fierce HopArt jump was made one late evening in Octobers deep. In the Malmö channel the Minister performs his HopArt from a bridge and the regional media Kvällsposten was there to cover the event. It was all made in the context of the yearly local “Gallerinatten” (Gallery Night) where all galleries and art-institutions in Malmö are open all night. It’s an evening when everybody is out! The jump was made from the bridge closeby the Fire Department and I had called them in advance to have them as back-up. It was a high drop into cold waters. “Of course” they said. We’ll be there. Come jump-night the bridge was jam-packed with people, but no Fire Department and no rescue vessel… What is an artist to do? Postpone? I don’t think so. I trampled out on the rickety nailed together in a haste jump-tower as the crowd chanted “jump, jump, jump”. To make a long story short – I jumped. And here’s the pic from the paper the following day.

Image credit: Ministry of Art & Jump. Minister suspended in mid Malmoe-air under the Admirals Bridge. Note the tip of the jump-tower plank (to the right in the picture), also note the rose in the breast pocket. A little good-luck present from a lady in the audience. I needed that…

Invitation from Singapore

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

The Minister of Art has been invited to go to Singapore. Let’s hope it will work out economically – it is such an invitation one cannot turn down! An international Performance gathering and group exhibition called “Gnothi Seauton” (Know thyself). We keep our virtual fingers crossed and hope for everything to come to place, and of course, still to confirm…

Presidential Performance in Helsingborg

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

At Dunkers Culture House last Friday a performance/inauguration was made and it was a grand success. It was performed in a jam-packed Dunkers! A couple of hundred people filled the big exhibition hall to the last square inch. People in the back apparently couldn’t really see or hear all that was going on – which of course was a pity! The performance included the first official State visit by the Ladonian President. The Presidents had prepared a speech which was read by the State Secretary and The Minister of Art & Jump carried out the presentation of the President as well as playing the national anthem. Ministry security personnel also kept a guarding eye on things when a very valuable gift was presented to Dunkers.

The valuable gift a very rare drawing by Rosalba Carriera. (The friendly Security Guard from the Ministry of Art & Jump keeps an eye on things).

HopArt in Ladonia – Video!

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

The HopArt jump in Ladonia last weekend. A special jump for the 30 years anniversary of Nimis!

Video credit:
Ladonia Administration. Camera operator: Lars Vilks.

Protests added

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

In relation with the HopArt-jump in Ladonia yesterday some new protest was added to the list:

  • Disturbing elements
  • puddles (pools) of water
  • sullen people
  • lost wallets
  • surveillance
  • beer running out (or the suspicion thereof)
  • weird signs
  • too many different speed limits
  • bad rubber bands
  • malfunctional pens
  • lack of brotherliness
  • round-about driving according to EU
  • VAT on dill
  • (all too) short vacations
  • difficult choices, especially too many (max 3 is desirable)
  • the insignificant thickness of the earth crust (the eerie thinness)
  • interrupters (people that interrupt conversations)
  • cowardice (especially the lack of courage to stand up for one’s beliefs)
  • too much anxiety


Saturday, July 31st, 2010

He came, he was seen, he jumped. What a wonderful day for an anniversary-jump. Ladonia was jam-packed today with tourists and the Glorious Green was waving proudly in the moderate wind! During the 4 hours we were there there was probably around 500 people. People tend to come and go the whole time, even if most of them only stay for an hour or so. Some stay longer of course. The event was filmed. Swedish Radio was there interviewing, papers was there, it was over all a rather big event. 🙂

After jump, suite needs drying after washing up. Image credit: Ministry of Art