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The universe comprehends

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

Carl Sagan said that humans are the mechanism by which the universe comprehends it’s own existence. It must be wailing in despair right now. (Trump as President)

When was the applaud invented?

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Have you ever thought about when the applaud was invented? I sure have. And looking into it made me flabbergasted. Did you know that no one knows for sure about when the invention of the applaud was made?


So what is an applaud? Well everybody knows that. But if you’d put it into measurables; An applause has three fundamental characteristics:
Strength: Intensity of the applause
Pace: Clap repetition speed
Length: Time the applause persists

According to these characteristics, the applause can be classified into the following categories: Booing, Absence of applause, Weak, Collective, Intense, and Ovation.

The age of the custom of applauding is as I said uncertain, but it is widespread among human cultures. The variety of its forms is limited only by the capacity for devising means of making a noise (e.g., stomping of feet or rapping of fists or hands on a table). Within each culture, however, it is usually subject to conventions.

The ancient Romans had a set rituals at public performances to express degrees of approval: snapping the finger and thumb, clapping with the flat or hollow palm, and waving the flap of the toga. Emperor Aurelian substituted the waving of napkins (orarium) that he had distributed to the Roman people for the toga flapping. In Roman theater, at the close of the play, the chief actor called out “Valete et plaudite!”, and the audience, guided by an unofficial choregus, chanted their approval antiphonally. This was often organized and paid for.

Similarly, a claque (French for “clapping”) was an organized body of professional applauders in French theatres and opera houses who were paid by the performer(s) to create the illusion of an increased level of approval by the audience.

In Christianity, customs of the theater were adopted by the churches. Eusebius says that Paul of Samosata encouraged the congregation to indicate approval of his preaching by waving linen cloths (??), and in the 4th and 5th centuries applause of the rhetoric of popular preachers had become an established custom. Applause in church eventually fell out of fashion, however, and partly by the influence of the quasi-religious atmosphere of the performances of Richard Wagner’s operas at the Bayreuth Festspielhaus, the reverential spirit that inspired this soon extended back to the theater and the concert hall.

Facebook for President!

Saturday, July 1st, 2017

Skulle inte förvåna mig om Zuckerberg ska kandidera till presidentposten 2020 eller 2024, beroende på hur det går för Trumpen.
En självklar kandidat…?
Javisst – ung, framåt, snäll och trevlig (host), rik som ett troll (och förmodligen i fickan på CIA och en massa andra ännu rikare än honom). Dessutom har han ju världens största sociala nätverk att gratis sprida sitt budskap via. Facebook for President! (eh, ursäkta, jag menar Zuckerberg for President!)

Remember where you heard it first…

Turk i burk

Monday, June 26th, 2017

Läste att Turkiet nu stryker läran om evolutionen ur sin läroplan… Därmed är landet lika stängt som en konservburk. De har redan stängt av Internet och installerat filter så att man inte ska nå misshagliga sidor som Facebook, Wikipedia eller nåt annat. Snapchat och Twitter också, antagligen. Fast det sistnämnda frälser dem iofs från idiotiska tweets från Donald Duck, Trump menar jag.

Men deras vetenskapsmän i framtiden kommer att bli jävligt förvånade om de kommer utanför Turkiet nån gång och får se vad resten av världen sysslat med de senaste 200 åren… “Åh fan, det var det jävligaste, det hade jag ingen aning om!”


Happy Independence Day!

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

I just had a discussion if you’d say “Glad Självständighetsdag” or “Trevlig Självständighetsdag” in Swedish for “Happy Independence Day”. I said, yes. In principle… I guess you’d rather say “Trevlig självständighetesdag”, but both sounds weird in Swedish. Perhaps since we don’t have or celebrate an Independence Day. Sweden don’t have any. So I guess we are still suppressed, or something… ????

No, but seriously, we’ve never been invaded since the wars with Denmark and Norway ended (in 1600-something), and I think the usual Swedish way of pretending that nothing happened by not acknowledge it, is very much at play when it comes to those wars… (War, what war? We never lost anything, and we certainly wasn’t invaded. That land was Danish and/or Norwegian then. So it wasn’t Sweden so we cannot have been invaded…).

And when it came to WW2, well, let’s not mention the war… The sweetest way to describe Sweden towards Nazi-Germany is to say we bent over backwards to please Hitler and his pals. They we’re A-OK. Hell, Goering even had a summer-cottage in Sweden and was married to a nice Swedish-girl named Karin (or Carin). And everyone was Nazi in Sweden! Until the tide turned… and then we became very Anglo-friendly all of a sudden, and those damn Krauts could go fuck themselves. And no one was nazi anymore. Until recent years when the old nazis started a new party in Sweden calling it “The Sweden Democrats” – but let’s not mention that to the voters. They might be upset. Let’s just brush it in under the carpet, as we say here in Sweden. Donät mention it. Pretend it was never so.

And by the way, Sweden was never occupied during WW2. Nope. We were neutral! And handed over shitloads of iron-ore to the Nazis – as much as they could use. Just to be extra neutral. And we let their soldiers go home on leave through Sweden in special trains. That’s how super-neutral we were in those days.

goering carinhall

Goering and Karin in their nice little Swedish summer-cottage.

Interesting changes to “the normal”

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

The 1901 Dorland’s Medical Dictionary defined heterosexuality as an “abnormal or perverted appetite toward the opposite sex.” More than two decades later, in 1923, Merriam Webster’s dictionary similarly defined it as “morbid sexual passion for one of the opposite sex.” But in 1934 something had changed about that… all of a sudden it changed, to be “normal”.

En cynisk inställning har många gånger räddat mig från besvikelser

Friday, April 28th, 2017

I vintras diskuterade jag och några vänner det här med personlig livssyn, och i synnerhet människosyn.
Såhär års i livet har man ju nått fram till en slag instinkt (insikt). Man kan känna på sig ganska snabbt folks typ av personlighet. Det är sällan man går på minor, men man gör det såklart ändå ibland.
Ofta kan jag i efterhand se att jag egentligen förstÃ¥tt rätt frÃ¥n början, men kanske ägnat mig Ã¥t en del önsketänkande om att personen i frÃ¥ga egentligen skulle vara trevligare än vad jag hoppades pÃ¥. Eller att personen i frÃ¥ga skulle ändra sig till det bättre. Eller att vänskapen/förhÃ¥llandet skulle utvecklas och visa sig bli bättre än man trodde. När sÃ¥ inte blir fallet, sÃ¥ är det ju till syvende och sist inte mitt fel att en person väljer att vara, eller är, som den är…
Man är inte sina egenskaper, man är den person man är genom sina handlingar att välja att göra de saker man gör. Och folk som gÃ¥ng efter gÃ¥ng ursäktar sig efter att de gjort taskiga saker, är kanske inte bättre än sÃ¥ och risken är att de inte blir bättre – och dÃ¥ fÃ¥r man välja bort dem.

De som aldrig ber om ursäkt ska man ta ännu större omvägar runt.


Friday, March 17th, 2017
“Ibland känner jag mig inte hemma nÃ¥nstans. Mer än där hemma.

All organisms…

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

“All organisms evolve and develop along patterns only recognized in retrospect.”

In other words, we live our life in forward, and understands it backwards…

Jag känner ofta…

Sunday, March 12th, 2017
“Jag känner ofta att det är fler avtrubbade, outvecklade, tänker-inte-längre-än-näsan-räcker folk än rationella och kalkylerande människor i världen…
Förutom de kalkylerande rövhålen förstås.
Och de rationella ser jag som fantasilösa.”