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Space exploration – Rymdutforskning

Saturday, August 5th, 2006

Do you live in sweden and think it’s kind of odd that we don’t hear about the space exploration on TV and in the News? (I do…) Why is that? Is there a hidden politic agenda about this? It seems anything that has to do with the superpowers, besides overweight, fat, junkfood, terrorists, shooting and elections – is not interesting and not talked about. The fact that space is being explored right this minute – is not talked about… Let’s find out what’s going on. Do you know what a NEO is?

Bor du i Sverige och tycker det är lite underligt att vi aldrig hör nÃ¥got om rymdforskning pÃ¥ TV och i Nyheterna? (Jag undrar över det…). Hur kan det komma sig? Finns det en dold politisk agenda om sÃ¥nt här? Det verkar som om allt som handlar om supermakterna, förutom övervikt, fett, skräpmat, terrorister, skjutande och val – är inte intressant och talas det inte om. Det faktum att rymden utforskas – i skrivande stund – det talas det inte om… LÃ¥t oss ta reda pÃ¥ vad som händer. Vet du vad ett NEO är?

Warhol project Part II is under way

Saturday, August 5th, 2006

2005 a paint-project was carried out despite the fact that the Minister of Art really doesn’t like to paint… And being a bit color blind also makes it a bit of a chore to paint. As soon as “Artist” is mentioned in a conversation the question “Oh, so you’re an artist, what do you paint?” seems to be inevitable. So finally I thought to myself… “darnation, I have to make a painting”. At the same time my car needed a paintjob and I had been thinking a bit over a project an old Hero (Warhol) made once for BMW. He painted a car (litteraly) so finally I found a painting project I could come to terms with. It was carried out for the Eslöv Biannual 2005 and was called “Warhol Replica“. Now there seems to be a Part II of the project. Discussions with a local car-dealer might lead to a Volvo being painted next.


World Jump day: still waiting…

Saturday, August 5th, 2006

The calculations for the “World Jump Day” (as we have told about earlier) is taking a bit longer than expected in Fulda, Germany. We are waiting for the result and will report on the matter as soon as possible.

Opening day

Friday, August 4th, 2006

The opening day for the hammered-together new Kiosk in Höganäs was packed with hungry people. Niklas cooking is well known and soon a long queue of food-shoppers lined up in front of the Kiosk. Niklas was busy sending the portions quickly enough over the counter. The original members of the Höganäs Salvation Army (from the 50’s) made a musical performance to celebrate the Kiosk. (In the 50’s the Salvation Army and their music was the sole entertainment on the square on Saturday Nights – along with a long-gone Kiosk).


You can’t keep…

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

“You can’t keep a good scientist down”

[Doc Emmet Brown]


Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

Yesterday was building-day for a multi-cultural kiosk at “Sundstorget” in Höganäs together with Artist Lars Vilks. Tomorrow Friday is Grand Opening at 13.00. The food-artist Niklas Ekstedt (swedish tv-chef) will then serve food Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting with Cambodian food on Friday. Saturday it’s food from Ivory Coast and on Sunday food from Peru. So if you want to find out just how good Niklas is, go to Höganäs this weekend! And experience his specially designed Kiosk made by Lars Vilks and Fredrik Axwik.

Multi-Kiosk Höganäs

From the global news flow

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

In the recent News-flow we have noticed two items that stood out a bit (no pun intended). First of all we noted that World Championship in Masturbation is being held in England this week. This is to raise money for AIDS campaigns (and to start a discussion and provide openess on the matter of Masturbation). And the second notable news is that Jenna Jameson (Adult Movie Queen) has got her own doll in the Madame Tussauds Wax Cabinet.

Kioskbygge i Höganäs

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

Lars Vilks och Konstministern Fredrik Axwik kommer att uppföra en multikulturell kiosk i Höganäs i samband med mångkulturåret. Med start kl 10.30 kommer de båda att spika och kreera en slags skulptur i form av en kiosk. Denna inviger och intar sedan TV-kocken Niklas (Mat-Niklas) för att traktera stadens invånare på Lördag. Konstministern ser fram emot att återvända till sin barndomsstad och bistå vid skapandet av en kortlivad kioskskulptur.

The HopArt Tour so far

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

The jump in Ladonia last weekend was the 16:th jump so far in the HopArt-tour. The Tour dates below. Most jumps in sweden… We aim (hope) for a north-american tour next year.

HopArt Tour


1. 16/7 Trollhättan

2. 18/7 Borås

3. 20/7 Ladonia (Arild)

4. 21/7. Ladonia (Arild)

5. 27/7 Mölle

6. 24/8 Trollhättan

7. 31/8 Vänersborg

8. 22/9 Vänersborg

9. 28/9 Malmoe

(14/12 2002 – 14/1 2003 Exhibition Trollhättan)


10. 16/8 Göteborg (Gothenburg)

11. 31/8 Helsingfors (Helsinki, Finland)


12. 23/5 Upperud (Dalslands Museum)

13. 1/8 Ladonia (Arild)

14. 28/8 Kalmar (Kalmar Konstmuseum)


15. 31/7 Ladonia (Arild, Nimis 25 years)


16. 29/7 Ladonia, Arild, Ladonia 10 years)