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Det finns mÃ¥nga…

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

“Det finns mÃ¥nga angenäma sätt att bli förkyld pÃ¥. Att köra cabriolet är ett av dem.”

I used to…

Friday, July 9th, 2010

“I used to be normal, but it drove me mad.”


Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Världens kladdigaste chokladkaka:

100 g mörk choklad
4 dl vetemjöl
3 dl farinsocker
4 msk kakao
2 tsk bakpulver
1 ägg
50 g smör
2 dl mjölk

Finhacka chokladen. Blanda vetemjöl, farinsocker, kakao och bakpulver i en skål. Blanda ner den hackade chokladen. Smält smöret. Vispa ägget fluffigt och häll i mjölk och smält smör. Blanda ihop de torra och blöta ingredienserna till en smet. Smöra och sockra en ugnsfast form, häll i smeten och grädda på 200 grader i ca 15 min. Låt svalna och servera. Florsocker kan pudras över kladdkakan när den svalna. Kan med fördel serveras dagen efter, då står den till sig.

If it’s…

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

“If it’s really ugly, we call it design.”

Ministry last few weeks

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Well… even if the Minister just have got used to this winter-thing and shoveling snow – it is probable that it really is summer. During the passing week it’s been record heat – a typical night-round includes having a whiff of the atmosphere and look at the sunset. The whole north side of the sky is lit up like a sunrise, at 23.20 local time… It’s a kind of magic, the Nordic solstice night. And around Midsummer the FULL moon was hanging/rising… How often is it full moon and Midsummer at the same time? Actually! We’ve had some really hot week(s) now, almost a heatwave. There has already been more days at the beach than total last year! We like it like that. And as established in a discussion with an Australian – anything over 25 and closing in on 30 is considered a “heat-wave” in this area of the polar-region!  On a not so hot today it’s time for a bbq and some tequila! Always a Texan at heart. This is proof. Several outdoor breakfasts has been enjoyed. Freshly picked strawberries and canesugar, with newly baked bauette and a big cafe au lait. Aaahhh…. The HOT days has given rise to that there is only one thing to do – cooling off… Beer, garden hoses, lake, driving with the windows down, beaches and occasionally a sip of Cinzano-drinks with ice and lemon. 😉 The last few days the Minister have felt like Karate-kid… Wax on! Wax off! (The new car has got a few new coats of car-wax.  And of course… everything in Sweden has been revolving around the royal wedding that finally took place some weeks ago, when the weather was a bit so so and the Minister bit his tongue for no reason at all.