Om man så…

November 9th, 2017

“Om man så skriver om en synål så är det nån enögd jävel som tar åt sig”

Fritiof Nilsson Piraten

Has the world ever…

November 7th, 2017

Has the world ever been changed by anything save the thought and its magic vehicle the Word?
[Thomas Mann]

Det har jag aldrig…

October 28th, 2017

Det har jag aldrig provat så det kan jag säkert!


Om du aldrig provat på något, hur kan du då veta att du INTE kan det?



October 26th, 2017

SOLD in 2017

In 2005 a painting-project was carried out despite the fact that the Minister of Art really doesn’t like to paint… And being a bit color blind also makes it a bit of a chore to paint.

As soon as “Artist” is mentioned in a conversation the question “Oh, so you’re an artist, what do you paint?” seems to be inevitable. So finally I thought to myself… “darnation, I have to make a painting”. At the same time my car needed a paintjob and I had been thinking a bit over a project an old Hero (Warhol) made once for BMW. He painted a car (litteraly) so finally I found a painting project I could come to terms with. It was carried out for the Eslöv Biannual 2005 and was called “Warhol Replica“.


The old faithful that had been serving the Minister for many years (since 1990), first as a car and then as both car and art-piece – a SAAB 900 Aero mod 1987 with a 225 bhp 2-liter turbo engine. The new owner is a true SAAB-connoisseur and the Minister was glad to see the little gem end up in the care of a gentle SAAB owner.


HopArt in Ukranian TV

October 26th, 2017

This summer the Ukranian film-team of “Head or Tails” visited Sweden and Ladonia. They took a long tour along the Swedish west-coast and ended up in the fair Ladonian Summer and was guided around Ladonia by the Minister of Art & Jump, and even watched him perform a HopArt jump.

At 29 min the visit in Ladonia starts, but it’s well worth the time to look through it all and among other things see one of the program leaders try the Swedish delicatessen “Surströmming”


Einstein and the bomb

October 16th, 2017

Einstein and the A-bomb

Robert Anton Wilson

Ladonian Exclave, true enclave in Sweden

October 12th, 2017

Today, 2017-10-12, it’s our great pleasure to proclaim the Ladonian exclave of Palmagården.

It is the farm and it’s little land where the Ministry of Art is situated since the fall of 2003.

It is also a celebration today, since Ladonia today reached 20.000 citizens.

Exclave Palmfarm

Dygnstider och tidsangivelser

October 4th, 2017

Fråga: Vad är klockan vid olika tidsangivelser på dagen? Dvs när är det morgon, när är det natt, när är det frukost när är det middag osv?

Svar: Det flyter ihop en hel del, som ni kommer att se… Men på Ministeriet indelas dygnets tider och benämningar enligt nedan, och så borde det vara överallt eftersom detta är den enda logiska och smartaste indelningen:

Morgon: kl 7
Tidig morgon: Kl 6
Okristligt tidigt: kl 4.30-5.30
Frukost: kl 7- 7.30
Förmiddagsfika: kl 9.00-9.30
Brunch: kl 9.30-11
Förmiddag: kl 9-12
Middag: kl 12.00 Kan även benämnas lunch, men högst ogärna. Bara som en social anpassning.
Sen lunch: kl 13-14
Eftermiddag: kl 13-16
Sen eftermiddag: kl 16-17
Kväll: kl 18
Sen kväll: kl 20-22
Natt: kl 23
Mitt i natten: kl 23.55-4.00
Ut på småtimmarna: kl 1-3
Framåt morgontimmarna: kl 5-6

15 pieces of advice when dealing with Swedes.

September 26th, 2017

(Original text be Colin Moon)

1)   Swedes send out the agenda for the meeting three weeks in advance. This means that, by the meeting, all the points have been discussed and everyone is ready to share the same opinion.

2)   Swedes stick to the agenda. They tick off each point as the meting progresses. Never delay the end of a meeting as everyone probably has another meeting to go to 10 minutes after this one has ?nished.

3)   Swedes like to compromise. Everybody gets something to keep them reasonably happy. Not a lot, but just enough. Nobody wins and, what’s more important, nobody loses.

4)  Swedes love the next to last point on the agenda. It is the date and time of the next meeting. Life will continue as they know and love it.

5)  Swedes are not fond of the last point on the agenda – ‘any other questions’. Having a last-minute question may cause the meeting to run over. Anybody who has a spontaneous question at the end is probably a foreigner. (You know, the kind of person who is always late and messes up schedules).

6)   Swedes rarely say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Instead of saying ja or nej they say nja which means ‘yes-but-no-but-yes-but-no-but’. Swedes avoid the word ‘no’ and replace it with ‘it depends’, ‘maybe’ and ‘I’ll see what I can do’.

7)   Swedes keep their cool. Foreigners may get excited, irritated or angry. Swedes don’t. Hysterical behaviour is bad style and literally not on the agenda. If, on the other hand, you hear a Swede say Usch! Nej, men…!  it’s about as hysterical as it gets.

8)   Swedes love their coffee break – the fika. Swedes claim that to fika is a concept, a way of life, a philosophy. Refusing a fika with a Swede is basically an insult to the whole country.

9)   Swedes work hard, but they are not always at the office to do it. If they don’t make it into work they answer their mails and calls from home and do all work they can via computer. It’s called jobba hemifrån. This is probably why Sweden is world-leader in hooking up to the company server via secure lines from home.

10) Swedes work well in teams. To say you’re not a team player is unheard of and like admitting you’re not a good parent. Joking about being a hopeless driver is not a problem for a Swede. But it might not be a good idea to joke with  Swede about it yourself…

11) Swedes ask about your plans for the coming weekend as early as Wednesday afternoon. It’s the time when last weekend officially stops and next weekend mentally starts.

12) Swedes have as many days off in May and June as most Americans take in a year. Not only do they have ‘red days’ (public holidays), but they often go home at lunchtime the day before to get in the holiday mood.

13) Swedes love their squeeze days. It’s the day between a holiday and the weekend so why not take that off too? It’s called a “klämdag”. With clever planning, Swedes can enjoy a week or two off over Christmas, New Year and Twelfth Night so it becomes more like a squeeze week. Do not interfere in those plans. Ever.

14) Swedes dream of taking the whole summer off work. They have five weeks paid vacation which they often take in July. Once a Swede was told he had five weeks to live. “I hope it’s in July” he said.

15) Swedes live for the summer. The Swedish summer is the warmest day of the year. And as Sweden is a very normal country, it is normal for the Swedish summer to be a bit colder than normal. So better not mess with a Swede as he´s on his summer holiday… Calling him/her during summer-vacation might be an insult for life. A Swede would never forget that. Never.

Lookie lookie…

September 23rd, 2017

Jag utbildades en gång av en militär dynamitard av rang, han brukade jobba extra som röjare av besvärliga lägen. Polisen ringde en gång och sa att de hittat en jordkällare fullproppad med dynamit, så han och ett par till åkte dit. När de kommer fram till platsen och tittar efter var det mycket riktigt fullständigt smockat med gamla dynamitgubbar från 20-talet eller nåt liknande. Från golv till tak. Så de gick försiktigt in för att göra en okulärbesiktning och befinner sig då stå i flera cm av något vått på golvet, vatten var första tanken, men kände hur deras hjärtan började skena och förstod också att det var utsvettad nitroglycerin från dynamiten de stod i. Ångorna från nitroglycerinet gav den uppiggande effekt på hjärtfrekvensen (antar att det slog några extra slag när de förstod att det inte var vatten de stod och klafsade i…). De backade försiktigt ut och andades frisk luft en stund. Arbetet med att jäv-ligt-för-siktigt baxa ut dynamiten vidtog sedan iklädda gasmask. Det tog hela dan. Ingen sprängdes dock i luften.

Ingen var hans hund som misstog en dynamitgubbe för ett tuggben.

Eller nä förresten, det sista var en lögn. 😉