BOTTLE MAIL (Message in the bottle)


(Previous mail-projects include “Mailboxes“). The Bottle Mail Project (BMP) is a long-term art project spanning over (at the moment) more than 2 years. It’s a project that brings the oldest and the newest type of technology and communication together. It is a mix of hight-tech and low-tech.


Several “packages” of Bottle Mail was released on different occasions and different locations during 2005. The Bottles was released from the Swedish west coast at several occasions. Bottles have also been released from the Danish west coast (Jylland), the Danish east coast (Fyn), Mallorca (Spain) and the English Riviera. Everything has been carefully logged. Every bottle has been provided with a micro transponder that makes it possible to triangulate and follow each bottles movement via satellite.

The project includes 54 bottles released on 12 different occasions during a 12 months period (last drop was November 2005). Several long rides have since then been logged. One bottle ended up in Galveston Texas, another bottle ended up in French Guyana, but the longest route yet was a bottle that ended up in Perth Australia. Regrettably the “Australian” record wasn’t completed or valid since the bottle was run down in the harbour by a Lebanese oil tanker. The particular shipping company regrets the incident when approached by the Ministry but claims that their crew can’t be blamed and that they have no insurance for such matters.

The satellites involved in the project are mostly American and English so called “spy birds”. On some occasions they are on non-operative time and the NSA (National Security Agency) and English MI6 has provided satellite time at no cost after inquiry via Swedish Security Police (SÄPO). SÄPO has been very forthcoming and friendly in this matter and MI6 and NSA has also been extremely helpful (surprisingly so) in the realization of this art project. I like to take the opportunity, already now, to extend my deepest gratitude for their invaluable services.


The project will be ended, and accounted for in detail, when all 54 bottles has reached land. By Jan 23, 2006 there was 39 bottles still floating: 15 in the Atlantic, 12 in the Pacific Ocean, 6 in the Indian Ocean, 2 in the North Sea, 2 in the South Pacific and 2 bottles are frozen in in the Arctic Ocean.

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