BOTTLE MAIL (Message in the bottle) II

This is status report from January 2007 for the Bottle Mail Project (BMP).


At the moment 22 bottles in the project are still afloat: 6 in the Atlantic, 9 in the Pacific Ocean, 2 in the Indian Ocean, 1 in the South Pacific and 4 bottles are frozen in in the Arctic Ocean.. The Arctic Ocean has embedded yet two more bottles in ice-bergs it seems. One of the now four bottles trapped in ice are coming closer to warmer water and we are therefore hopeful that it will thaw when spring hits.

Several more long (and short) trips have been logged now by the American and English “spy-satellites”. Three more bottles are reported missing at sea. One probably sinked by a trade ship in the Atlantic, one in the south Pacific (run over by a suspected Norwegian cruse ship). The third bottle reported missing is with great probability the first reported malfunction so far. It’s micro transponder have been reporting sending several broken up call messages. The experts on NSA claims that the electronics most likely has suffered from moisture that has been trapped in the bottle.

The 17 bottles that has been accounted for during 2006 and making it to land are 82 %. A good percentage (as long as it’s not hard liquer). The long trips recorded are Morombe (Madagascar), Cape Town, Vancouver, Seattle, New York, Matagorda Island, Los Angeles (USA), La Paz (Mexico). We also have reports from Havanna and Bahamas that stranded bottles have been logged. This is good news indeed. The short trips that have been logged during the period is Paignton (GB), Malaga and Palma de Mallorca (Portixol) and the shortest trip was on the Danish west-coast of Jylland. It seems that a bottle returned to land after a 2 month trip out on the Atlantic and landed only 88 kilometres (55 miles) north by it’s release point. Sometimes it seems, the Sea God Neptune is joking!


54 bottles released.
39 bottles afloat in January 2006
22 bottles still floating January 2007

We like to extend our deepest gratitude for NSA and MI6 invaluable services to the Ministry of Art & Jump during 2006 and 2007. It’s fantastic that such a project can be carried out in spite of the situation in the world.

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