BOTTLE MAIL (Message in the bottle) III

Status report January 2008

In the beginning of January 2007 there was 22 bottles still floating – 6 in the Atlantic, 9 in the Pacific Ocean, 2 in the Indian Ocean, 1 in the South Pacific and 4 bottles were stuck in the ice in the Arctic Ocean. During the year there has been two fatal accidents, 1 outside Easter Island and 1 outside El Salvador (which sunk to 6000 meters depth).


The 2 bottles in the Indian Ocean has landed in the Seychelles and in Tasmania. For a long time it looked as if that bottle would end up on the Cocoa Islands. Of the bottles that was stuck in the artic ice, two has been afloat and reached Chatham Island (outside New Zeeland) and the other went ashore on the Falkland Islands. All the Atlantic bottles has been accounted for ashore during the year. Those bottles ended up in S:t Petersburg, in Miami, in Surinam (South America), on Barbados, on the Grenadine Islands and on S:t Lucia. Of the remaining bottles in the Pacific Ocean there has been only 4 landings: in Hilo (Hawaii), Santa Cruz on the Galapagos Islands, in Pennyville (Alaska) and on Kiritimati (also known as Christmas Island).


This means that 16 bottles are accounted for during 2007, and that thee is only 6 bottles left in the project. 2 bottles are still (again) stuck in the arctic ice and the remaining 4 is still floating in the Pacific Ocean. Hopefully there will be no more accidents with the remaining few.

54 bottles released, during 2005.
39 bottles afloat, in January 2006
22 bottles still floating, January 2007
6 bottles still floating, January 2008

Again we have to extend our deepest gratitude for NSA and MI6 (SIS) invaluable services to the Ministry of Art & Jump during 2005, 2006 and 2007. It is fantastic that such a project can be carried out in spite of the world-situation with terrorist threats and big US wars.


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