Flashback: Meteor crater in Eslöv

IN the fall of 2007 there was a Biennale in Eslöv. While preparing the exhibition we received word that a meteroite had hit and a big crater was located! And the meteor was very close to hit Eslöv directly. The impact site was located south of Eslöv, close to one of the roads leading out of Eslöv towards Örtofta. The crater was excavated to try to find out if the meteor was intact and a big piece was found in the impact crater and was sent to the ESA in the Netherlands for examination and analyzed. The excavating was conducted by the expert Nils-Arne Nilsson who calculated the angle for the impact and much more.

The meteorite was witnessed only by a few eyewitnesses and left a hole of nearly 15 metres in the field near Eslöv. The meteorite itself was observed during it’s passage through the air over Eslöv by Mr. Maarten Vanden Eynde a belgian artist on a visit in Eslöv, who actually managed to capture the fire-ball in the sky with his camera.


Dig-leader Mr. Nils Arne Nilsson trying to conclude the angle of the impacting meteorite standing in the middle of the crater while the crater was excavated and examined.

The crater had a rim of soil that was thrown up around the crater. The soil was very soft on the location which made the crater rather small. One could expect bigger damage by such a high energy impact. No passers by was nearby at the time of impact or they could have been seriously injured and possibly killed by the energy of the impact.

The crater was 1 meters over the surrounding ground and the depth after impact was estimated to 6-8 meters before collapsing. There was visible traces of soil indicating that it, according to the dig team, was an impact with a possible easterly angle. The crater was clearly visible from the road leading into the south parts of Eslöv (Sallerupsvägen) and the crater was left open for almost 8 weeks before the experts was done with their surveys and the field had to plowed by the landowner for the winter.

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