Freedom of Speech Fundamentalist

For a while now, at least a few months and definitely since the Biennale in Eslöv last fall I’ve been made aware about a fact that I didn’t really know (or think about) before that. I am a full fledged Freedom of Speech Fundamentalist. I didn’t know there was a term like that (or that it was necessary). But since then I’ve heard that there is such a thing and that I seem to be one. What is a Freedom of Speech Fundamentalist? How do one abbreviate that? Is it FOSF, or FSF? Anyway, such a person is the strenuous type of person that actually defend the right to speak up and express yourself – as long as it’s not against the law to do so. And perhaps even across that border… One could suspect that such a person might think that there is an unnecessary correctness and do not believe in Political Correctness or self-censoring. I’m just guessing here…


Anyway. The good news is that the Ministry now have produced a new line of t-shirts with the text “Freedom of Speech Fundamentalist”. The t-shirt is available in several sizes and the text is available in Swedish or English. The price is quite moderate approximately 12 Euros COD, shipping excluded. Other languages are available – please contact the Ministry for orders.

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