Culture night

In Eslöv in mid-september when the summer nears it’s end the night lights up and get’s filled with culture (even art) and the Minister is engaged this year. At least four different projects will see the light of night.

Together with pupils at Culture School an outdoor sculpture will be built in the shape of The Eiffel Tower. This is due to the fact that the tower originally was intended for Eslöv. Not many people are aware of this!

The second project is the ARCHIVE (part III) in concert. The sound/art/poetry/philosophy/music-project presents the former two exhibitions in a new structured form.

Third project for the night will be a Computer-Art performance/show/exhibition specially made for the Eslöv Culture Night. This is a rare, since the Minister really don’t like to paint (and apart from the fact that he hates washing brushes, he is also color blind). But now he found a new way of producing artwork (“paintings”) without actually have to break out the oils, the canvas or the brushes. Couldn’t be better!

The fourth and last project for the night is a concert produced for the Culture Night, performed by the Ministry’s new cooperation partners, Neurobash.

More info about the different projects and Culture Night will follow.


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