No Dogs in Dalby

The Ministry of Art is Creative Consultant and Art Director of the projects “DOGS”. After cold feet’s and thumbs down in Copenhagen at Charlottenborg, the project was invited to Dalby in Sweden, as a part of a great Art Fair in September. The project is run by the artist Lars Vilks and is the story about the little dog-drawing that allegedly made al-Qaida put a price on the swedish artists head.

As we speak, it seems the Musical Dogs will not play in Dalby as earlier promised. It all sounded like a good idea at the time and several visits where made to the facilities and the fantastic localities of the Siporex factory in Dalby. After a long delaying wait throughout the summer it seems now like it will all be postponed. The whole Art Fair will be closed down. There are more questions than answers at the moment, and it is all very confusing. More details (in Swedish) at Lars Vilks blog.

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