Eslöv Complaints Choir (2007)

A long long time ago, in a galaxy not far from you…

…at the opening night at the Eslöv Biennale 2007 the makeshift Eslöv Complaints Choir (mECC) was formed. The improvised Complaints Choir did it’s first (and most likely it’s last) performance. The singers for the choir was volunteering and/or picked out at random from the visitors at the Biennale at the opening night.

A text (in Swedish) was presented to the singers. The text was written by the Ministry of Art. The singers had no chance for test singing, rehearsal or reading of the text ahead of singing. It was totally a fly-by-faith operation. A few of the participating artists also took part in the complains choir. Some of them are seen to the far right in the video. The Complaints Choir was a project very suitable for the Ministry of Art & Jump which also is involved in protests in the HopArt project.

By a fluke of luck the video of the choir was dug up and rescued out of the extensive archive material at the Ministry of Art & Jump. We had given up all hopes, we really thought the video was lost and considered it missing in action, presumed dead But here it is! Short, simple and shooting from the hip. (Take it away…)

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  1. Ministry of Art & Jump News Blog » Blog Archive » Klagokören pÃ¥ Nöjestorget Says:

    […] Eslövs Klagokör som vi tidigare har berättat om har nu fÃ¥tt möjlighet till en större publik. I förre veckan stod det klart att Konstministeriets arrangerade Klagokör pÃ¥ Eslövs Biennalen 2007 numera finns omnämnd pÃ¥ Nöjestorget – en av Sveriges största nöjesportaler. Där kan man nu lyssna pÃ¥ och läsa om “engÃ¥ngskören” som gjorde ett framträdande i Eslöv. […]