NeuroArt is: DEAD

As we have suspected for a while NeuroArt is dead. It is now definitely official. Regretfully the Ministry of Art doesn’t hold all the data or all the contact information for all members of the networks. That information is in the hands of the webmaster and the other founder(s) of the NeuroArt Network (Neurobash). So right now there are a handful of members still floating around in the cyberspace that the Ministry cannot contact directly. The Ministry of Art is currently weighing alternatives and looking over options to salvage the now crashed network.

The exact reason for the crash is still a bit unclear and the Ministry can only apologize and regret the impact this will have on its members. We understand the problems and surprise this also give rise to. However a package of measures is underway to resolve the problem.

As soon as we have more to inform about in this matter we will do so. It is certainly a shame and a pity that a joint project and member network is allowed to crash in this fashion.

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