The road to the Ministry.

A road-trip

“The Road to the Ministry” is in short just what the name imply. If not a road-movie, at least a road-story. A story telling about the road to the Ministry. The pictures was taken today (2009-05-27) on the way from Eslöv to the Ministry of Art & Jump, located just outside Löberöd in south Sweden. It’s a description of the many (thousands and thousands) of images we see every day, without seeing them. They pass right through our consciousness and we never think twice over them. And still it is the reality, we pass through as mindlessly like a common house-fly (or at least what we would imagine a fly doing).

The pictures were taken randomly in full driving speed with a camera snapping away without too much thought. One shouldn’t take pictures and drive… The pictures can be interpreted as a journey through a piece of the everyday reality that surrounds us when we make up other plans.

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