For a long time I’ve been going around and thinking, planning, daydreaming of doing some sort of Totem Pole… I really don’t know where this longing is coming from. Perhaps a deep unconscious memory from an earlier life as a native American? If that is the case it would explain a lot of my ambiguous feeling during my whole life about the US, V8:s, Cowboys, horses and Indians… Going to my first pow-wow a decade ago was a very strange feeling, an outlandish experience indeed…

A first sketch/draft perhaps of the coming artwork was made some time ago (April 22) in a haze of migraine aftermath.  It was instantly put up on display in the entrance at Lilla Teatern (The Little Theatre) in Eslöv (Sweden) where it is still, to the best of my knowledge, on display. If you happen to pass by take a look – or surf in at the Ministry Moblog for a quick peak right now (bigger size of picture available over there).

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