Hollywood or bust

As of Oh six hundred thi morning my dreams of a Hollywood career became severely shattered. I was to take on a stand-in part in a relative nice little Hollywood project and me and the main character was really coming along. As of tomorrow morning I would start this newfound career, and I was making up plans for what to do the next 1 or 2 months in Hollywood, Los Angeles and California. This was possibly looking up to be the best ever! Epic! I was making plans, who to call and who to bring.

First day of trails and test-shoot was OK. We even had time for some drinks and planning off the record. Everything looked good. All the way up until this morning. ‘What happened?’ you might ask. I asked myself the same thing when the damn alarm-clock started beeping… A whole life just zapped out of reality. Someone down the line I must have left a dooppelganger body in another reality or something. Because this was REAL. It was not a dream. I’m not kidding you. It was life. It was live. And it was too good to be true… So, I’m back to square one. Back to the old drawing-board.

Oh well… I wouldn’t have had time, and I’m too old for that shit anyway… Damn, what a bust.

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