Results from World Jump Day!

The result of the jump from World Jump Day are here! (Finally) We have been anticipating the results for some time now from Fulda, Germany. Here it is, read more on the WJD homepage.

After analysis of all major seismographic and satellite data we have to conclude that the World Jump on the 20 July 2006 11.39.16 GMT has not caused any permanent changes in the orbital positioning or rotation of the planet earth.

Nevertheless there are scientific results suggesting that the jump had temporary effects resulting in an unusual drop of the average global temperature by drop by 0.09 degrees Celsius around 11.40:27 GMT.

Momentary partial orbital shift = 532,6 m – Momentary partial axial shift = 2.879

Furthermore, there is seismographic recordings which suggest that the highest concentration of jumpers were in Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Italy and Portugal.

Dr. Hans Niesward, who has been intensively criticized for his theory, concluded that only the uneven participation from country to country has limited the impact of the jump. He said in a recent interview:
“…if only everybody had participated like the Brazilians, the WJD (World Jump Day) theory would have been proven right…”

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