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Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

We’ve gotten many questions about the The short answer to that question is that it has crashed and disappeared. But in it’s place a new site has been built up, with a new name but with the same basic idea. Go to to find it and find out what it’s all about. The network is alive, and kicking! New members have stepped in when the old network collapsed and most of the “old” ones are there as well. Welcome to discover the NovelArt Network.

Ministeriet gratulerar dessutom (27/5)

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Idag den 27 Maj gratulerar Ministeriet det ursprungliga namnsdagsbarnet Beda som fanns till minne av en engelsk munk från 700-talet. I Sverige kom det dock att uppfattas som ett kvinnonamn (!). 1901 ersatte Blenda. 1986-1992 då det blev mer eller mindre standard med tre namnsdagsnamn fick Blenda sällskap av Beda (som alltså återinfördes) och Britten. 1993 blev det bara Blenda och Beda kvar på dagens datum och det blev också den i fortsättningen gällande ordningen.

Ministeriet noterar lite födelsedagar bland annat The Chrysler Building (känd från otaliga filmklipp och som invigdes på Manhattan 1930). Ministeriet skänker en speciell tanke och gratulerar i synnerhet: Wild Bill Hickok, Christopher Lee, Henry Kissinger, Louis Gossett Jr., Bruce Weitz och Jamie Oliver.

Release party in Austin

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

Do not forget todays CD release-party in Austin. If you’re in the neighborhood today on Saturday, February 7, then don’t miss Walter Ehresman’s release party at Kick Butt Coffee, 5775 Airport, 8:30-11pm (local time). Walt promises acoustic performances of the new songs will be attempted, and adult beverages will be consumed. Good times! Get over there!


Thursday, February 5th, 2009

On Saturday a most valued colleague has a release party in Austin for his 12:th album. Be there or be square! Good times is an understatement. The Minister only wish he could be there in the flesh – in spirit he will!

The Network is dead, long live the Network!

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

As told about earlier the Network NeuroArt suddenly “died” in December last year. Someone decided to pull the plug and almost effectively killed off a joint network with several members…


The Network lives on and the last month or so have been very busy in building up the networking again, find a new on-line structure, a new and viable name and last but not least connecting the existing members to the “new” network.

In reality the Network changed name and most of the members decided to stay on the ship. In fact, several new members that were in pipe-line has also entered into the new network. The new name of the network is NovelArt and during December and January Ministry of Art & Jump has started up a new site, which has been set up and worked over. It will be properly and officially introduced and launched before soon. All previous references to NeuroArt obviously intends NovelArt. The link-name in “categories” have thus been updated (changed name) as well.

NovelArt has now it’s new unique website and blog up and running, and there are already a few things to read and go over for visitors, even if the site is not officially opened yet. If you like to sneak a peak, feel free to hitch a ride over to the State of NovelArt.

Neurobash’s leaving

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

The fog is lifting. Neurobash is leaving the joint network of NeuroArt and ends all cooperation in the NeuroArt Network. This also means that the Network has to change name and that the old website is going down. In fact it’s already gone (without our’s doings) as we have told about earlier. Neurobash has previously also abandoned the cooperation in project DOGS and the collaboration with Lars Vilks. They withdrew their music and YouTube-videos produced for the project. (According to their own homepage) They also refuse to make any comments on these action.

NeuroArt is: DEAD

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

As we have suspected for a while NeuroArt is dead. It is now definitely official. Regretfully the Ministry of Art doesn’t hold all the data or all the contact information for all members of the networks. That information is in the hands of the webmaster and the other founder(s) of the NeuroArt Network (Neurobash). So right now there are a handful of members still floating around in the cyberspace that the Ministry cannot contact directly. The Ministry of Art is currently weighing alternatives and looking over options to salvage the now crashed network.

The exact reason for the crash is still a bit unclear and the Ministry can only apologize and regret the impact this will have on its members. We understand the problems and surprise this also give rise to. However a package of measures is underway to resolve the problem.

As soon as we have more to inform about in this matter we will do so. It is certainly a shame and a pity that a joint project and member network is allowed to crash in this fashion.


Thursday, October 9th, 2008

For the moment the NeuroArt-site seems to be out of commision and apparently it has been down for a while! For some unknown reason the site went offline and therefore it’s unavailable at the moment.  As soon as the reason for this is known, or fixed, we will get back to you with further information!

In the meantime you can visit the State of NeuroArt at myspace.

NeuroArt updates

Monday, August 11th, 2008

The Ministry of Art & Jump (TM) has taken upon itself to update the a little more frequent. The ministry will for starters update the different members doings from an artistic point of view. First to go was  NeuroArt-member Walter Ehresman of Texas. A fantasticly sharp singer & songwriter out of Austin. Here’s looking at you Texas!

Minister/President in TV-interview

Friday, January 11th, 2008

The TV-performance on local television during the week was carried out by the Minister and his colleagues in NeuroArt when Ladonia, Lars Vilks and Neurobash participated live in the studio in the show “SkÃ¥ne Direkt”. In the show the Minister of Art & Jump was interviewed since the Minister is also the newly appointed President of Ladonia. President Axwik was duly presented and interviewed together with Statesecretary Lars Vilks and talked about Ladonia. The National band Neurobash was also interviewed and played live in the studio. The  interviews, the performance and the whole show can be seen in full at the Local TV’s Web-TV. The Ladonia interview is in the second half of the program.


The National band of Ladonia, performed their latest single and also a new song from the forthcoming NeuroArt-project. The musical is telling the story about what happened around the Lars Vilks-drawing of “the Roundabout-dog”. The drawing has been called “the Mohammed-dog” in media and rendered Lars Vilks, amongst others, a death-threat from the notorious terror-group Al Qaida. But the main reason for the participation in the show was the virtual state and micro nation of Ladonia.


President Axwik was wearing his new t-shirt from the Ministry of Art & Jump with the text: “Freedom-of-speech Fundamentalist” (in Swedish = Yttrandefrihets-fundamentalist). The t-shirt is on sale through the Ministry of Art & Jump with the text either in English or in Swedish.


President Axwik was asked to answer questions about what a President actually does, and President Axwik was also asked to show the “presidential wave” which he uses in different contexts, like official waving-ceremonies.


Ladonian money and the Ladonian flag was also displayed, explained and discussed in the interview before the Ladonian historic overview was cut short.