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New Ministry Personnel

Monday, July 31st, 2006

A short note on some new hiring’s. We have manned two vacant posts at the Ministry. The funny thing is that both the new employees have the first name in common: “Justin”. (Is this a very common English name?)

Anyway. Mr. Case and Mr. Taime are very helpful in building up new competence at the Ministry. The two new jobs are in Security and the Secretarial departments.

The Ministry of Art & Jump say welcome to the newly hired. Mr. Justin Case is our new Head of Security and Mr. Justin Taime is our new Chief Executive Secretary.


Justin Case

Mr Case on his way to work.


Justin Time

Mr. Justin Taime.

Re: Justin

Monday, July 31st, 2006

Regarding the english name “Justin” (see above re. new personell) my colleague Manny Neira had a take on explaining that:

It is a *fairly* common name, with a fascinating history. It is actually derived from the name of a semi-mythical Saxon village called Juust. In old English, instead of saying that someone lived “in Juust”, they would say they lived “Juust In”, and this phrase eventually gave way to the name “Juustin”, precursor of the modern “Justin”.

However, the original pronunciation of “Juustin” was “JES-TIN”, as the “UU” was pronounced like an E. In fact, the letter “E” didn’t exist in the early alphabet, and was just represented by two U’s written close together. Eventually, they got treated as a single letter, and if you imagine turning the dipthong “UU” on its side, you can see where the letter “E” got its shape.

There is some argument about whether Juust ever really existed, or whether it was a myth, a little like Atlantis. The people of Juust where held to be almost superhumanly upstanding and fair. The word “justice” also comes from the name “Juust”. The village lies behind many modern sayings about honesty, such as…

“Many a true word is spoken in Juust.”


PS. There’s a minute of your life you’ll never have again.

Ladonia Herald and the Anniversary

Monday, July 31st, 2006

Ladonia Herald reports shortly from the 10 year Anniversary in the weekend that passed. A few nice pictures to watch for the ones hungry for news! (Look under the category “Breaking News” if hard to find).

An official word

Sunday, July 30th, 2006

A word from the President of Ladonia, the day after the big anniversary:

“The 10 years Anniversary for Ladonia at Nimis Kullaberg was a success. Hundreds of nomads had found their way down the heavy cliffs and after a breathtaking journey through the Nimis construction, they climbed the stones and listened to the celebration and music event.

As President of Ladonia, I made a declaration of a sensational discovery I and my team of experts of excavations have made. Under the Library, which was burnt down during the bad fire in the icy winter night in February 1985 at Nimis, we have found a very old original document of unknown age. Through scientific research and analysis of the papyrus document and its signs, we have come to the conclusion that the document is a real document of the earliest history of Ladonia. Probably more than 6000 years old. An testimony from old ages and a reminder of the faith of what will happen to the stonebook Arx. This book will once again, after eons of time, rise to the ground and be found by nomads who again will build the new Ladonia.
When the presentation was over, The President handed over the old document to the State Secretary to place it in the National Library in Ladonia. At the same time I, The President said Thank you to the State Secretary for all help and assistance we got during the excavations.”

Jump and President.jpg
Minister of Art & Jump and The President yesterday at the 10 year anniversary
Countess Kicki von Hankell
Ministress of the Dep. of The Guardian Angels, etc

The unlikely Happening

Sunday, July 30th, 2006

Yesterday was a GREAT day for Ladonia!

The 10 year Anniversary went on as planned. And it was a enormous feat that was undertaken by the Ladonia administration. SS Vilks, President Hankell, Popess Astrid 1, Minister of Madness, an electronic band and yours truly performed a presentation of Ladonia and it’s exciting history. There was speeches made, presentations, art performance, findings, musical interpretations and performance like never surpassed before. It was the first electronic outdoor concert in Ladonia and probably the first “real” outdoor concert ever made. The band had to walk quite a bit in through the outback wilderness of Kullaberg before reaching Ladonia and bring all their instruments, equipment and gasoline powered power supply. They also had to carry all their equipment out on foot after the transportation went pear-shaped (catastrophic) in the evening. No boat to pick the equipment up! Everything had to be carried out by foot! Up and over the steep cliffs. 1,2 kilometers and 120 meters up… Every person made 3-5 trips up the mountainside straining under the heavy and bulky load. Cases, containers, loudspeakers, synthesizers and more.

The 6 hours program ended with a 3 hour hauling that could have crippled a mule.

But the anniversary was celebrated and the crowd of visitors in Ladonia yesterday got a fantastic show and experience – probably a memory for life.

Specialprogram 10 years Anniversary, Saturday July 29

Friday, July 28th, 2006

The Micro nation Ladonia celebrates its 10 year anniversary

Saturday, the 29th of July 2006
(12:03) 14:03 – 18:03

12:03 Opening ceremony
14:03 Main program starts, speeches by state secretary Lars Vilks and others.
15:03 Performance by Minister of Art and jump, Fredrik Axwik

Between 14:03 – 18:03, live concert every hour with Neurobash with special music composed for Ladonia.

The celebration will take place at Nimis, Kullaberg, Skåne

The Nation of Ladonia was proclaimed on 2 June, 1996, on the site where Nimis and Arx are standing, as a consequence of the blatant inability of Swedish authorities to implement their decisions and their lack of control over their territory. Since Ladonia is constantly manifesting its existence and getting broad publicity, it has grown increasingly real to many people.

Ladonia, in turn, has given rise to numerous events and incidents. Ladonia embodies many of the factors that characterize and maintain a nation, not least the continuous regeneration of the relationship between the legal system and the nation as a historical construct.

The continuity and activities of Ladonia, with its 12,000 inhabitants from all over the world, are maintained via the Internet. Thanks to the Internet, Ladonia gained even more international media attention in 2002, when thousands of Pakistanis applied for Ladonian citizenship in the quest for a better life. Today, app. 30 000 people visit Ladonia every year.

Please visit for more info about the anniversary and Ladonia.

2 days left…

Thursday, July 27th, 2006

Two more days and the big celebration will take place in Ladonia! The Ladonian vessel has sailed for 10 years (and Nimis 26). The festivities will start at 12:03 (swedish standard time, 12:00 local Ladonian time). The Queen, the President, Secretary of State and over 12.000 citizens celebrates the 10:th birthday of the free state of Ladonia. All we can do now is to hope for a reasonable weather. The festival crowd will be presented the first National Concert made by the excellent electronica band Neurobash. Secretary of State will perform together with the band during the concert that is a reminiscent adventure through the Ladonian history. We hope for a good race-weather so the crowd can exercise the famous Ladonian passtime StoneRacing!


Thursday, July 27th, 2006

(Omitted)Идея за подарък

Citizen of Ladonia (how-to-become-a)

Thursday, July 27th, 2006

The Ministry of Art & Jump is, as many already know, a Ministry issued by and registered in Ladonia. The Ministry often receives the same questions about how to become a citizen and how many citizens we have. It’s very easy to become a citizen since you can apply for and register a completely free citizenship online – over 12.000 has already received their citizenship in Ladonia.

There is also the possibility to buy a non-expensive nobility-citizenship for only 12 bucks. Do you want to be a Marquee, or a Count? You choose your title yourself.

War on the Internet?

Wednesday, July 26th, 2006

Since a few days some strange types has started an argument and attacking Ladonia… What’s up with that?! A Solidarity Movement with Ladonia has emerged (thankfully). Read all about it, but secure yaw first, this is a jaw-dropper 😉