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Statistics for the Ministry Website

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

The latest statistics for the Ministry Website has just come in and it’s always interesting reading. The statistics is divided up in two since there is two different addresses for the Website. There is in other terms two ways in. There is a obvious upgoing trend and there is also clear steps where the figures has gone up. In 2006 there was a total of 21.000 visitors and in 2007 there has been 38.000 visitors, so far. In April 2007 something interesting happened. That month alone had the double visitors compared to the month before. And that trend is going on it seems. April had an average of 252 visitors per day (the month before that had 144 and that was the average trend by then). The figures is about the same for the rest of 2007.



Jump-suites Canada trip

Friday, July 27th, 2007

The Ministers special business-suite, or jump-suite, made it’s own little trip. Hanging out on different places in Canada. Making his own exploration. Going places. Seeing people. And sometimes just hanging around.

Location: North-America 2007

After the Jump in Granville Loop Park in Vancouver. Resting and drying in the sun on the stairs to the fountain.

At the stair-case of the slanting house of the famous 536 Arts Collective in Vancouver.

On a little red wagon in Alternator Gallery of Contemporary Art, in Kelowna.

Hanging on the doors of Alternator, wondering about the the Elvis Poster behind him…

Ahhh, the open space on the roof to Open Space gallery and Arts Collective in Beautiful Victoria.

Hanging out at the Ministry of Casual Living in Victoria. Waiting for the screening to start. What’s that man doing with that table anyway!?


Thursday, July 26th, 2007

“Fantasy is part of the reality.”

“I’m not afraid…”

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

“I’m not afraid of the future, I live in the past.”[Neurobash]

Ogo-Pogo island

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

Regarding the news about the new Ladonian Colonies in Canada. We can also add a little note about the happy news that the colony in Kelowna now also has an extension.

A new stone-island was started (rose out of the waters) in The Okanagan Lake in July 6, this summer. (Okanagan facts by Wikipedia). The name of the island is Ogo-Pogo Island and it’s situated in the west side of the lake (same lake as the Ladonia Colony Water Park is facing), about 30 minutes south of the town of Kelowna. The strait between Ogo-Pogo Island and the beach is called Peachland Strait, named after the closest town.


The waters around Ogo-Pogo Island is extremely rich on fish (as the Minister of Art & Jump can vouch for by his own experience). Large fish (like Kokanee) come close to the shores, and tourists has already found the island. In the picture we see two small tourists at the Ogo-Pogo Island. The island is, with other words, overflowing with natural resources. Photo credit: Ministry of Art & Jump.

The idea is to return and extend the island but also to leave it to the locals to expand the island. The name Ogo-Pogo comes from locale folklore that tells the story about a lake-monster not unlike the Loch Ness-monster. The early inhabitants (Native Americans, a.k.a. “indians”) of the area saw the monster as a malevolent entity. When crossing the lake during bad weather, the Indians always carried a small animal that they would toss overboard in the middle of the lake to appease the monster. The Indians called the Okanagan Lake Monster N’ha-a-tik, and there are pictographs. Other native references to the Okanagan Lake Monster include the Chinook wicked one and “great-beast-on-the-lake.” In addition to the Salish N’ha-a-tik (or Na-ha-ha-itk), snake-in-the-lake was sometimes used. When Europeans settled in the area, they too feared the aquatic monster and supposedly continued the custom of offering an animal to appease Ogopogo.

Personally I suspect the Ogo-Pogo might be related to the dragon Ladon. Quite possibly the Loch Ness monster is also related to the dragon Ladon. (Ogopogo-fact by Wikipedia).


The Ogo-Pogo Island was inaugurated by playing the Ladonian National Anthem. (A stone dropped into the water). Photo credit: Ministry of Art & Jump.

The Minister has left the american continent

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

The Minister is back at the Ministry and this summers North America Tour with HopArt has reached it’s end. Still there’s a lot of contacts left to be taken care of, and now all the after-work starts. This has nothing to do with beer (well a little perhaps) but mostly it means a lot of loose ends that has to be tied up. The Minister is hardly hanging around the bars! Oh, no. he’s ever vigilant and busy at the Ministry! In fact renovations, attachements and extensions is under hand.

Looking back at the HopArt Tour it was a busy few weeks… Apart from HopArt, screenings and presentations there was of course a vast networking going on. And also some official assignments! The Statesecretary of Ladonia had given the Minister full freedom to proclaim new territories for Ladonia. Colonies in Canada was the commision and the Minister went to business. Three new Colonies were proclaimed during a few hectic weeks! First in Vancouver, then in Kelowna and later on also in Victoria, the Capital of British Columbia. Here’s a few pictures from the official events.


“Ladonia 536″ in Vancouver. The colony consists of the house and the surrounding area.


Official handshakes in Vancouver: Governor Donato Mancini, Minister of Art & Jump – Ladonian Envoy, Minister and Vice Governor Jeremy Turner.


Agreement on the second new Ladonia colony: “Ladonia Alternator and Waterfront Park” in Kelowna. Governor Jennifer Pickering confirms the documents by a handshake with the Ladonian Culture Attaché; Minister of Art & Jump.


The Victoria Ladonia Colony “Ladonia Open Space”. The colony consists of the whole building, on Fort Street 510, including the Japanese Restaurant – which by the way is reported excellent.


The Ladonian Governor, Douglas “Doug” Jarvis, in an official handshake with the Minister of Art & Jump, confirming the third Ladonian Colony in Canada.

Jump Pix Victoria

Saturday, July 14th, 2007

The pictures from the last Jump in Canada are now finally developed! The timetravel back home to the Ministry made the Minister lose a whole day, except for the odd hours of sleep and general feel for time. The HopArt jump was made right in the middle of Victorias famous Inner Harbour were swimming seals could be spotted amongst the sea-planes, clippers, boats, yatchs, kayaks, kelp and the Minister of Art & Jump.


The Minister steel himself for the jump into the chilly waters of the Pacific Ocean. Assistant courtesy of OPEN SPACE behind the Minister (ready to push if the Minister don’t dare to jump, no doubt).


And finally he goes in, fearless – when the audience starts doubting that he actually dares to jump…


It was a suitable BIG North-American splash, after more than three weeks of North-American Touring and sumo-training!

Last Jump made

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

The last jump on the North-American HopArt Tour in Victoria, Canada was a total success. With the aid and support of the host, the brilliant Open Space Gallery made the jump, presentations and video-screening a sher joy to carry out. Pictures will be posted shortly. The Minister resides right now in Seattle waiting to fly back to the Ministry of Art & Jump.

The outdoor screening at Ministry of Casual Living also featured Neurobash’s “LIVE in Ladonia” in their now famous outdoor Ladonian marathon concert from 2006 when Ladonia celebrated it’s 10 years anniversary.

Victoria Jump July 9

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

A jump in Victoria at the famous Open Space will be closing the 2007 North-American HopArt Tour. The Minister looks forward to visit the island on July 9:th. A special program for the evening has been put together by the host (Open Space). A jump and a special video-screening will take place at The Ministry of Casual Living in Victoria.

Open Space is a working laboratory for innovative art practices, opening new territories for contemporary art, artists and society in a global context.

Founded in September 1972, Open Space is non-profit artist-run centre located in Victoria, British Columbia. For over thirty years, Open Space has been an entity for professional artists who utilize hybrid and experimental approaches to art-making, as well as a touchstone for young and emerging artists. As an exhibition and performance centre, Open Space reflects the wide diversity of contemporary art practices in Victoria, across Canada and beyond.

The work presented at Open Space is a cross-fertilization of experiences, with artists from disparate geographical locations and cultural sensibilities brought together in a critical dialogue based around contemporary art issues.


City Hall, Victoria.