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Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Idag är det Valborgsmäss! Dagens namn i almanackan är dock inte Valborg, det är imorgon, idag är det Mariana – och om det kan du läsa lite mera om här. Och det är även Konungens födelsedag!

Grattis ers majestät.

Shrinking Earth?

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at the Ministry of Art & Jump, might think that Earth is shrinking! In Bonn, Germany, researchers revealed last summer that the planet is smaller than we thought. The last measurement was five years ago, and when the two measurements was compared – the difference is half a centimeter.

German scientists from the University of Bonn took part in an international project to measure the diameter of the world and came up with the 5 mm decrease. The scientists rounded the diameter of the Earth up to 12,756.274 kilometers (7,926.3812 miles) for the general public.

Though it may appear a trifling difference, Axel Nothnagel, who led the researchers, said the difference is crucial in the study of climate change. “It may seem a very small difference, but it is essential for the positioning of the satellites that can measure rises in sea level,” he said. “They must be accurate to the millimeter. If the ground stations tracking the satellites are not accurate to the millimeter, then the satellites cannot be accurate either.”

The system of measurement used by the Bonn geodesists (geoscientists who study the size of the Earth) in the two-year project consisted of radio waves that were transmitted into space. “A network of more than 70 radio telescopes worldwide receives these waves. Because the gauging stations are so far apart from each other, the radio signals are received with a slight time lag,” Nothnagel said. “From this difference we can measure the distance between the radio telescopes to the preciseness of two millimeters per 1,000 km.” The procedure is called Very Long Baseline Interferometry or VLBI. The technique can be used, for example, to demonstrate that Europe and North America are moving apart at a rate of about 18 mm a year. The findings were reported in the Journal of Geodesy.

Eslöv reported to Chancellor of Justice

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

More about the news about City of Eslöv and Chancellor of Justice in Swedish press:,1082,70839055_852__,00.html

The City of Eslöv has been reported to The Chancellor of Justice in Sweden. The City banned an invited artist from their own exhibition (Eslöv Biennale Nov 2007).

Last week (17)

Monday, April 28th, 2008

During the week that passed (last week) the Ministers/Presidents foot has getting better fast. It’s almost back to normal and the Minister keeps forgetting his walking stick all over the place. We think he’ll park it for good, or at least for now. Hopefully it will take a long time before it’s needed again.

The spring has hit the Ministry for real during the week, ans especially during the weekend lot’s of leaves on the threes has started to grow. And it’s budding everywhere. The Chestnuts threes are the earliest as usual. But also the lilac (“syrén” in Swedish) are going green now. The gardener reports that the lawns are growing fast and at the moment his filling up the lawnmowers for a new go. The second for the season. It seems the summer is finally closing in on the Ministry. The Ministry gardener also reports that the frog-move has been going on during the week and 13 specimens has been located from the cellar to the Ministry Pond. Frogs only. It seems all or at least the most of the lizards have been moved already.

The Minister is also reported busy in locating a”day-job” to economically support the Ministry.


Monday, April 28th, 2008

Somewhere I read a little funny insight about our planet earth, it doesn’t come with a manual. It’s todays quote in fact here at the ministry. Perhaps that is why mankind don’t stop to mismanage it’s world. On another note, perhaps it’s a big flaw, a definite drawback for both ourselves and alien visitors coming to earth: There is no (damn) manual!

So, the Ministry could, of course not, sit idle. A new category (Earth Guide) is created and behold – a new Ministry Service for the Planet Earth (Universe).


“Earth – No manual included”

Eslöv vs. JK

Sunday, April 27th, 2008 har släppt en kortfattad nyhet om att Eslöv har anmälts till JK. Dock har Sydsvenskan inte nått Konstministern för en kommentar. Minister Axwik är inte ensamt ansvarig för anmälan. I dagsläget har inte JK lämnat något besked om när eller om man kommer att fatta något beslut i ärendet.

Ärendet gäller diskussionerna som uppkom vid Eslövas Biennalen förra hösten (november) dÃ¥ Vilks blev avstängd av kommunen kort tid före Biennalens invigning, trots att han stÃ¥tt som inbjuden närmare ett Ã¥r i förväg. FrÃ¥gan som väcks är förstÃ¥s om Kommuner fÃ¥r eller bör göra sÃ¥här, och det är en viktig frÃ¥ga som vi bör fÃ¥ svar pÃ¥. Det finns ett system i vÃ¥rt samhälle som ska fungera även om nÃ¥gon känner sig hotad. Det bör nog undersökas om ett systemfel har inträffat, och om en Kommun ska agera som man gjorde, som om man vore en privat organisatör som utestänger nÃ¥gon och anger “säkerhetsskäl” som orsak.

Never confuse…

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

“Never Confuse Motion with Action”.

[Hot Potato Posse]

First round, WTC 2008

Saturday, April 26th, 2008


Today news reached the Ministry that the 2008 World Telekinesis Competition schedule for the first round of the tournament has now been determined and is available at the WTC homepage, click to see schedule round 1.

Based on a randomly determined selection, Eternal Ministry of Art & Jump will be facing the Plastic Shamen in the first round of competition. The match is scheduled for Saturday May 17th at 11:00am PST (6pm GMT) and will follow competition rules as indicated on the WTC website.

On the WTC Official Website you can also read about all the participating teams.


Friday, April 25th, 2008

“Writing is the Art of applying the ass to the seat.”

Post #801

Thursday, April 24th, 2008


In fact, the post 800 (and 801) on this blog is already passed, past tense.  But it’s not too late to celebrate yet another posting milestone for the NewsBlog! Since the start there has been an increasing speed of growth. Blogstatistics has revealed that post number 801 has already been posted even before this article.

Several new features has been added since the startongoing. Browse through the archives and categories or use the excellent blog’s own search-engine to find old articles and experience what is and has been going on, in, at and around the Ministry of Art & Jump.

From the start the blog was intended as a “News Blog” but the blog also became an insight in the life of the artist Fredrik Axwik and the Minister a.k.a Fredrik Larsson – which in fact is not always the same, or two different things… The Ministry News blog deals in fact with anything that revolves around the Ministry of Art & Jump (that includes thoughts, ideas, art projects, philosophy, psychology, culture – and much more) about the Trinity (the Artist, the Minister and the Ministry).

Welcome back, and make this your browsers start page! (If you use Firefox you can actually add several web pages as your start page/s). The Ministry supports and recommends the use of Firefox browser! It’s fast, free and safe (and very easy to use).