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Ministry today

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

The busy autumn is here again. This morning the sun is shining which helps raise the spirit. Gray skies and rain makes no one happy… Otherwise it’s a dry fall and the time for dust clouds. The deflation of land is clearly visible when the open dry fields are subjected to the harsh autumn winds. What look’s like sandstorms is roaming the countryside. The chestnuts are falling and the leaves are turning. A distinct chill in the air is detectable and the air is crisp and fresh. The Ministry is brimming with activity. Preparation for exhibitions are going on and at the same time day-jobs competing about the attention with carpentry-work and redecoration work in the White House. Meetings are relieving each other. The Ministry frogs seem to look for winter lodging in the cellar. So far the Ministry Solar panels are still doing a great deal of the heating job at the Ministry. The lawns are still being trimmed, but the Ministry garden tractor has shown tendencies to foul up the work by not starting… It’s battery received a tune-up yesterday and the day before but still there seems to be an electric problem somewhere that makes it hard as dirt to start up the little rascal. However, yesterday the longest grass got a mowing before the belt came off with the aid of a troublesome twig. There also seems to be a minor electrical problem with the new Ministry chariot, the Black Menace. Somehow it seems that batterypower is “leaking” away if the chariot is left un-driven for more than a week…

Todays recipe: Road-kill

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Today we have a self-instructing recipe and lunch tip, if you feel a little bit “wanna-be redneck” today. Eat road-kill.

Behold, the Hedgehog! (Thanks to Andy Jonson for creative input).

Wake-up call

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

“Hello! You have to tell me what you think I know.”


Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

“Democracy is just a bi-product of international trade.”

Ministry report gone missing in Canada

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

In Canada the Art & Culture is under fire it seems, and from the government… It has been reported that the B.C. Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts has removed all links to a report on the socio-economic impact of arts and cultural organizations from its website. We wonder why… Here’s an article with the some what pc answer. The report is from December 2006 but older reports from 2005 is still up. It seems someone don’t want people to read the report.

Well… The British Columbia government has started to cut grants and it seems that they (the BC Government) doesn’t recognizing that arts and culture are economic generators. Their own data indicates that for every dollar spent, there’s a $1.38 returned in tax revenue. Good business in other word, so what is their problem really?

For safety the cashed document of the report has now been added to this Ministry Website for backup and future availability. From now on you can access and read it here.

Ministry Weather

Monday, September 21st, 2009

The Ministry weather service has been cancelled for a while but are now up and running again. Now you don’t have to wonder any more about how are the weather at the Ministry! A new link has also been added in the right margin among “Links”. However, even this service has gone down… We are currently looking for another good one. Sorry about that.


Friday, September 18th, 2009

Preparations and research are being done for the fifth part of the art-project ARCHIVE – Eslöv By The Sea. Part V is about Eslöv and the religion, or actually Eslöv and the philosophy. Religion and philosophy is interconnected and we can’t consider the one without considering the other. The subtitle for the fifth part is “Spinoza never made it to Eslöv”. More stunning finds from the unknown history of Eslöv will be presented, as in the previous exhibition. Part V will be exhibited in the magnificent Eslöv Town Museum and the opening night is planned for November 28. More about this later.

H2 exhibition video

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Todays documentation flashback is a new video from an exhibition in may this year (2009). The exhibition was made in cooperation with the Eslöv Culture School and was a theme exhibition named “Heaven & Hell”. The video takes us on a quick trip through the exhibition entering into and moving through Hell before we reach Heaven…

It is in fact…

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Well, kids. It’s September, so here’s a suitable song for the season. I just have to say that, those were the days of cool video effects.

In the middle of Hammenhög

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

The HopArt in Hammenhög at the performance festival LUR went good. There was a few obstacles, like the shortage of water… Apparently Hammenhög don’t have much water (lakes or rivers). Not even a decent fountain! So the Ministry had to find a solution for this problem and it was solved by bringing our own water to the party. A small pool was set up and then filled by the local fire-fighters. 6.500 liters of fresh water was filled into the little pool in a blink of an eye. Then the scene was set for the jump! At 18.00 local time, the Minister was dressed for protest. Before hand several new protests had been added to the protest list by the people in Hammenhög. A table was setup for people to sit down by and write down anything that was annoying them.

Minister at work in the middle of Hammenhög. The Minister seems to be hovering over the water, just like that guy in the New Testament. But the camera is pulling your leg, Minister is in fact frozen in Mid-Air. The pose made the photographer refer to Yves Klein (and his “Le Saut dans le Vide” we presume) which of course is very flattering. Image credit: Leif Elggren.