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Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

As a parent it’s always nice when your kids are proud over you, or even better boasts about you… We held a little birthday party with the little one the other day. The entire class was there and had hamburgers and drinks. One of the guys started burping, as 9 year olds or younger (and older too) sometimes do to get attention. After a few hefty burps and a few giggles and laughs, little one gives up a sigh with a somewhat tired glance towards the ceiling and comments:
– Pah! That was nothing. My Dad, he can really burp!

That kind of put an end to the attention-burping and the party went on to other things without any further comments on the subject.лак за паркет


Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

I was out shopping with little one the other week and in the midst of the store I got a startling question: “Hey, Daddy, what is a Hipster?”. I know about the concept Hipster, but not good enough to really explain it to anyone, especially not a 9 year old. I was starting to go over different ways on how to approach the concept of “urban” and “style” and “group belongings” and “fashion” and a whole lot more. I asked myself “What da heck a Hipster actually?” when in the corner of my eye I caught a little finger pointing towards a rack of undies. And suddenly the answer was clear to me. A Hipster! Well, it’s a certain type of cut underwear just like that, I said. Suddenly the world became easier. We browsed on through the store cruising towards the cashiers.