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Je suis Larsson

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Minister of Art - at FB

“It takes a man to suffer ignorance and smile.” No matter what they do, be true to yourself. Hello Facebook. No matter what, Je suis Ministero Arte y Salta.

One morning I couldn’t log on to facebook any longer… Weird… I got this note saying they suspected me of not using my real name. (I’ve used the same “Minister of Art” since I first joined Facebook in 2008 or so…). I thought maybe they just wanted to keep a record of my “real name” somewhere, so I filled it in and Bingo. I could log on. But imagine my sursprise when I found out that they changed my username!! No more Minister of Art… So I wrote this confession of a sort:


Facebooks latest dirty trick forced me to change to my given name, and at the same time it drew a small family secret out in the open. When I first started out as an artist I was very reluctant to use my real name since the name Carl Larsson holds a bit of anticipation in the Art world. I even changed my surname for many years! My late great-great uncle Carl Olof Larsson was a not half-baked painter and as a young emerging artist I just couldn’t bear the crushing weight of being compared with him and judged as being “the new Carl Larsson”… Such things tend to put a lot of strain on a young wannabe artist… especially if he actually hates to paint. To be judged side by side with my great-great uncle just made me feel very inferior. Since then I’ve made my own way through the Art world, striving, sometimes long outside the beaten path, for a painter. I just hated everything with painting and made my way into storytelling and performance instead. Eventually I studied to be a painter and today I don’t have that same fear of painting anymore (although I still don’t do it much at all) and recently I changed my legal name back to the family name again. Regaining control of my identity. Thanks a lot Facebook. But this was not exactly how I envisioned me coming out and telling it as it is, but your trick have now forced me to take the final step.

Je suis Larsson!


Psykiatri visavi Religiositet

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Även om psykiatri kan säga en del om religiositet är det av naturliga skäl mycket känsligt att närma sig ämnet på detta sätt eftersom det kan ge intryck av att religiositet skulle vara utslag av sjukliga processer.

SÃ¥ behöver naturligtvis inte alls vara fallet, men det kan ju vara värt att hÃ¥lla i minne…

I dagens tidning läser vi…

Friday, June 12th, 2015

In todays paper we read (swedish article).

Ladonia 2015 buildning day

Minister on the way to Nimis

Ladonia 2015 buildning day 2

Minister fixing the Nimis