Ministry of Art & Jump

Arts Patron

So you want to provide funding and Art Patronage for Ministry of Art & Jump! That is a splendid idea for several reasons:


Keep the art free. Let the working artist penetrate and explore the reality. Support the artist to produce and create more and better art.


Contact the Ministry concerning details about the financial aids the Ministry would appreciate on a yearly basis, or in one-time donations.


We are open to discussions about how our Art Patronage cooperation would work out best for You, and if You would like to be anonymous or not.


The Eternal Ministry of Art & Jump was originally established in 1998 and are continuosly devoted to exploring The Reality. How it is interpretated and how it is described. What does it mean to be a human? What does reality mean to us and our perception - and vice versa?


In the Portfolio and Projects sections you will find information, and entrances to different Art-projects courtesy of the Ministry.













Minister of Art & Jump.

Image credit: Ministry of Art & Jump